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A Year in Review: Counter Strike: Global Offensive 2015

With 2015 coming to a close, a lot of changes happened in Counter Strike: Global Offensive over the course of the year. There were many ups and downs to some of these updates, as would be expected of in any game. However everything has turned out rather well, even though some of the updates were fine-tuned after their release. Some of these had a huge impact on Counter Strike: Global Offensive overall, while some had more an impact on it’s market and us at OPSkins.com. Some of these changes include a new pistol, changes to the rifles (although they were reverted), new skins, cases, and so on.

Without further ado, let’s go over some of the more major changes:

JanuaryThis is the month the Chroma Case first launched. Among the new gun skins, one could also find new knife skins, providing they were lucky enough to get them. The interaction radius was widened for Smoke grenades and Incendiary grenades. The P250 and CZ75-Auto also saw some changes, the P250 ammunition being lowered to only three magazines on purchase, and the CZ75 had an earlier nerf (A decrease in  in ammunition and firerate reverted back to what it was before. The P2000 had its ammunition capacity fixed. There were also minor fixes to the maps Mirage, Train, Dust2, Cache, Overpass, and Facade. This also happened to be the month OPSkins.com first launched, January 26th to be exact.

February – To start off this month there was a focus on the map layout for Cobblestone, major changes including changing around both Bombsites, and improving their cover for both teams while making them a little easier to play on. Later in the month we saw some minor tweaks to areas such as dropdown, the cubby at Bombsite A, underpass, etc. There were also minor fixes to various other things, including the AWP viewmodel, sound on maps, map exploits, and so forth. New offers for Stickers and Music Kits were added to the store. To wrap it up the Katowice 2015 Pick ‘Em Challenge was added, where players could choose from the lineup of pro teams to see which would win at the different stages of the tournament. There was also a patch for a security issue.

CS-GO Train 2
Picture of Bombsite A of de_Train post-update – http://bit.ly/1MRGSJh

March – The month of March started with a lot of tweaks for both UI as well as some of the maps, GOTV, Steam Overlay, and OS support. The maps Overpass, Dust2, Mirage, Cobblestone, Train, and Cache saw some Skybox optimizations as well as other visual tweaks, including smoothing some of them to make gameplay a little less bumpy. There was some removing of imbalances in a couple of said maps, specifically Dust2, Train, Cache, and Overpass. Shorttrain was added back to the map rotation after it was removed briefly in December of 2014 with a few updates added in. Stattrak weapons could now be traded up using the Contracts properly, which a lot of players wanted. Operation Vanguard came to a close as well.

April – The month of April started off slow during the first half, with only a few tweaks to crouched movement speed, as well as a small fix to the Dust2 radar. However we saw the addition of the coveted Chroma 2 Case, which included a variety of very nice weapon skins, including the M4A1-S | Hyper Beast, Five-SeveN | Monkey Business, and the AWP | Worm God. The month ended off with a fix for reserve ammunition, and some fixes to the Smoke and High Explosive Grenades. There were also some new sticker offers, and support was added for a few third-party applications.

MayMay opened up with Operation Bloodhound which included a line-up of five new community maps; Agency, Resort, Zoo, Log, and Rails. Those who purchased a pass to Operation Bloodhound also received special access to the new Falchion Case, which included 16 community-made skins and the Falchion Knife. It also saw the addition of two new game modes, Assassination and Guardian Co-op which were playable via the Bloodhound Campaign. There was also the introduction to Profile Ranks, which gave a weapon drop for the first new rank each week. Other minor changes came in the form of UI tweaks, engine tweaks, matchmaking, networking, and server changes. The maps Cache, Mirage, Rails, Office, Log, and Season also received some updates for exploits and a couple balances.

June – Not much was happening in June, but Counter Strike: Global Offensive’s new ban system Overwatch was rolled out of beta. This system allowed trusted users to review report cases and issue bans or pardon errant reports on other players. Overwatch has worked fairly well since it was added. There were also some fixes to sounds from weapons and players, as well as some adjustments to controls and spectating. There were also some fixes for de_Zoo for some exploits.

July – July was mostly about fixing some various visuals, sounds, as well as a couple maps, Dust2 and Overpass. Overall, small fixes other than a couple bugs with the sounds and map spots where the C4 would be stuck.

August – ESL Cologne One capsules were available to purchase, and so were the Team Stickers. Some late submissions for updated autographed Stickers were added later, but not too much later. There were also fixes for client-side bugs, from visuals to sounds.

September – Starting off in September were changes to client-side operations, and to some maps for more bugs that were discovered. However, September did pick up with some new major changes. This included all new visuals for bomb planting and defusing, among other animations, instead of the players just sitting there. Gameplay changes included a nerf to the M4A1-S, making it cheaper but less viable for purchasing. The Dual Berettas were buffed in armor pentration and range, which made them slightly better and actually saw some use. There was also the removal of weapons poking through thin surfaces, which meant players no longer had to worry about their gun sticking through a door, such as the one in squeaky on the map Cache. Music Kits could now also be Stattrak, which counted your individual MVPs in any game you played. On a side note, September unofficially became Zeus month (much to my dismay). The price for the Zeus was lowered to $100. Topped with the money you received from killing others with it, as well as the fact that you were faster with it, it was used much more than it was previously.

October – Operation Bloodhound came to a close this month. At the same time the Zeus’ price was increased to $200 while the kill reward was taken away completely, and your run speed while holding it was decreased as well. Competitive matches saw a small change in communications as it was now team-only voice chat. There were some dedicated server changes as well as some small changes to the maps Mirage, Overpass, Cobblestone, and Train. The Tournament Cluj-Napoca 2015 was introduced with a new Pick ‘Em Challenge, and new Autographed Stickers were available for purchase. Last but not least there was a new Fantasy Game added where a player could pick from a roster to build their own Fantasy team. Achieving one of the top scores would win you the Fantasy Trophy.

November – November saw some very small changes with some new sounds for snow, metal, rubber, and so on. They also lowered the volume of first-person footsteps.

Screenshot of R8 Revolver in-game from Hades | OPSkins.com

December – This month began with a new case being released, as well as a new pistol. The case centered around this new pistol, the R8 Revolver, and the weapon itself would replace the Desert Eagle space in the player’s loadout. This new weapon saw much use in it’s first week of being released due to it’s powerful and accurate shots. However, it was later nerfed and fell out of most use. Matchmaking also received some adjustments, namely the time for both rounds and the planted C4, which were changed to 1:55 and 0:40 respectively.

Timeout voting was added for both teams, which would pause the game for 60 seconds, which would give some time during the beginning of the round for teams to strategize. The rifles (M4A1-S, M4A4, and AK-47) as well as most pistols received a nerf, the rifles having the range for spraying reduced in an effort to promote burst control and one-tapping, and the pistols’ movement inaccuracy were reduced as well. Later in the month there were some fixes for the R8 Revolver, and also a game breaking exploit for Smoke Grenades, which disappeared if a user tabbed out then back in to the game.

The last update of December, and consequentially all of 2015, only saw some minor fixes including bullet penetration after a bullet passed the maximum penetration range. Also, this was the month that OPSkins.com reached One Million Customers. Woohoo! A big thanks to everyone out there who supported the site!

Wow. That’s a lot. So much for a brief post. With that said, we should be looking forward to the year 2016, both the players and us here at OPSkins.com. Happy New Year, everyone!

Source: http://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/category/updates/


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