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The World’s First eSports Tournament with a Cryptocurrency Prize Pool has Arrived

This weekend Play2Live (P2L), the first entirely blockchain-fueled streaming platform, is hosting the world’s first eSports tournament with a cryptocurrency prize pool.

The CS:GO tournament takes place on February 24-25 in Minsk and broadcast in seven languages. The tournament features eight international teams competing for the main prize of $100,000 in P2L’s token.

 “We are even more excited to host the world’s first ever eSports tournament with crypto prize: an event, that will become a milestone in further integration of the blockchain technology into gaming industry,” said Alexey Burdyko, CEO and Founder of Play2Live.

Cryptocurrency has continued to grow in popularity throughout the video gaming community in recent months. In-game item and skin traders are naturally familiar with the intricacies of trading cryptocurrencies, as both have similar traits. OPSkins recently launched it’s own cryptocurrency, WAX, to make it easier, cheaper, faster, and safer to trade in-game digital items. WAX is currently in it’s infancy and still in Alpha stage, with the final product expected in late 2018. The final product is a custom blockchain and protocol token, which will enable all of the unique features of the Worldwide Asset eXchange including buying and selling items through the use of smart contracts, sharing fee income among multiple parties, pegged asset contracts managing volatility, pledging to guilds, enabling exchange widgets, and more. It will also enable nearly anyone to operate their own virtual items trading marketplace similar to OPSkins.


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