VGO Designer Spotlight

Welcome to the first post in the VGO Designer Spotlight series! Similar to what have done in the past with games such as CS:GO and PUBG, we’re covering the news and community surrounding the VGO scene. To highlight some of the members within the VGO community, we will be reaching out to different skilled VGO designers to learn more about who is creating such amazing-looking VGO Skins.

This week we reached out to JackieCSGO, the designer of the FAMAS Bristlecone, who answered some of our questions. He gave us some insight into the design process he goes through when creating new skins, as well as how he got started on designing skins.

Q: How did you get started in graphic design?

A: I think my earliest memories of graphic design is when I would enter pixel-art contests on some flash-game website when I was around 9-10, where I would create the art in MS Paint on some old family PC. When I was around 13 and played a lot of COD: MW2 online, there were all these clans around. Everyone had a clan and everyone had their own montages. I started “trying” out different programs for fun to try to make wallpapers, edits etc for these clans I was in with friends. Never really led to anything but it’s around that time I started learning Photoshop and some other software.


Q: How did you get into skin designing?

A: CS has always been a huge part of my life. I had a family member show me Counter-Strike on his PC when I was around 9. I’d play with his clan full of people in their twenties and thirties as a squeaky little kid. Back in late 2013, a friend invited me to play CSGO and I enjoyed it a lot, started to really get into it and around then was when Winter offensive had released, and skins were really blowing up. I saw that these were community-made, and since I had some basic graphic design skills, I thought I’d give it a try for fun. I’ve been making skins here and there since then, but not really anything outside of CS weapons.


Q: How did you become involved in designing VGO Skins?

A: A friend of mine told me about it, and I didn’t think much of it if I’m being completely honest. But thought I’d give it a try because why not, it’s always fun to be a bit creative and the potential to get some bonus income (I really need a new fridge). I became really surprised when I started getting multiple skins accepted though!

Q: What is your favorite weapon to design skins for?

A: I don’t think I have a favorite weapon. If I design too much on one gun I get a bit bored. But I’d say the SMGs are probably my favorite category because of the big variety of shapes and look. A lot of pistols, rifles, shotguns kind of look the same overall. Some older weapon models can be a pain in the ass though. Glock, Scar, and Sawed-off, for example, have areas where every texture gets really stretched and most of the time kind of ruins the skins unless you spend time fixing that.

Q: What is VGO Skin your favorite?

A: The SG553: Shuilong is pretty cool, nice colors and art.

Q: Where do you think designers can improve when creating VGO Skin Designs?

A:  Using textures, gradients, depth! A lot of submitted skins I see are completely flat. No reflection, no depth, and no textures. If you look at materials in real life, almost nothing is ever just one single flat color, and it makes the skins look very fake. When you’re working on a skin that uses a specific material, let’s say gold. Look up gold online and see how it behaves, how reflective is it compared to other metals, is it completely clean or does it have bumps, spots etc.

Q. Are you currently working on a new design?

A: Nothing completely new right now, but after the good response I received on my AWP | Yeti Hunter & my MAG-7 | Golden Dragon, I’m trying to figure out if they would fit any other weapons as well.

We would like to thank JackieCSGO for taking the time to give us an inside look into his work! Be sure to check out his designs and be sure to give him a follow on twitter and let him know what you think of his designs.


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