VGO Designer Spotlight DCWORKSHOP

Following up on the last VGO Designer Spotlight article getting to know Laax, this week we are taking the time to get to know another great designer that goes by the name DCWORKSHOP.

DCWORKSHOP is regularly coming up with new VGO skin designs and has created quite a few VGO Skins that have been featured in vCases. Some of his favorite designs that have been featured in vCases include the M4A4 | INDUSTRYA and the P90 | SPECIALIST.  We reached out to DCWORKSHOP to ask him a few questions about how he got involved in designing VGO Skins, his favorite weapons to design skins for, what he uses for inspiration when designing skins, and more.

Q: How did you get started in graphic design?

A: I started around 2011, downloaded photoshop just for fun to kill boredom and I fell in love.

Q: How did you get into skin designing?

A: As CS: GO added skins in early 2014, I didn’t discover that feature till around 2015. I had a steep learning curve, use of models and such, it was all new for me.

Q: How did you become involved in designing VGO Skins?

A: I heard rumors going around that they are paying for designs, but I didn’t believe at first, so one of my friends got accepted and I started too.

Q: What is your favorite weapon to design skins for?

A: I don’t really know, I like them all in some ways but there are always some that I like doing more than the others, but in that case, it’s M4A4 and Five-SeveN.

Q: What do you use for inspiration when designing skins?

A: Movies, concept art, racecars, anything I can see potential to be turned into a design.

Q: What is VGO Skin your favorite?

A: I guess M4A4 | LION WAR, being the first legendary and it’s truly legendary.

Q: Where do you think designers can improve when creating VGO Skin Designs?

A: Lots of them post unfinished designs or there is just missing something. I know that because I also do that sometimes – lose creativity or motivation to finish it but you don’t want it to be a waste of time, so you post it anyway. And, I see lots of bad renders or marketing for their design, I like mine clean and direct, design is in the middle and in focus.

Q: Are you currently working on a new design?

A: Oh yeah 😉

We would like to thank DCWORKSHOP for taking the time to answer a few of our questions as we continue to get to know the designers behind the community designed VGO Skins. So be sure to give him a follow on twitter and let him know what you think of his designs!

If you want to submit designs for VGO, you can find all the information here:


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