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Updates to the OPSkins UI: Easily Viewing Skins with stickers

Behind the scenes of the worlds largest marketplace of it’s kind, our developers have been busy making improvements to the site for our customers.

The most recent update on allows users to inspect stickers on the CS:GO skins through the their icons in the store. Gone are the days of confusion about what sticker the skin has, or the inconvenience of having to load CS:GO every time you wanted to inspect a skin and see if it had stickers. Now the skins’ stickers are all neatly displayed vertically in the top left corner of the icon if you are looking at several skins at the same time, or horizontally if you are looking at one skin. You just have to place your mouse pointer over the icon and you will see the name, the wear on the sticker (how much it’s been scratched by previous users) and the description.


We’re aware that there are a lot of customers requesting a feature that would allow them to search for an item by stickers in our marketplace, and while this feature is not currently available, our brightest minds are working to make that dream a reality for all our customers in the future.

Here at OPSkins we are constantly working on ways of making our marketplace easier to use and more convenient for our customers, so keep making suggestions and we will keep improving. You can ask, we will do what we can to make it happen. Will the new update improve your browsing experience? Tell us what you think in the comments.

Update: We have also added a new feature that shows when an item is listed below the suggested price. It is marked by a box next to the asking price, showing the difference in percentages (see below)

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