Upcoming improvements to vIRLs on OPSkins (and a Thank You for a successful launch!)

Hey OPSkins Community,

It has been an exciting 48 hours since the official launch of vIRLs on OPSkins! The community response so far has been terrific. Being able to instantly trade physical items, or sell them for cash, without ever holding them or shipping them is an amazing new concept that has never been possible before.

We also know there are many things we can improve. We are working on those things night and day, and we’d like to share them with you so that you know what’s coming next. Most importantly, we are actively working on getting our European facilities open so that we can offer local shipping rates to our European customers.

vIRL Hype Beast Mystery Box
vIRL Hype Beast Mystery Box

Top priorities: making the vIRL trading, redemption and shipping experience better and better.

One thing that keeps coming up is shipping costs. We recognize that shipping and customs costs are a big factor if you live outside of the United States. We could have restricted vIRLs to people who live in the U.S. where shipping fees are low, because that is where the merchandise is stored. But we wanted to let everyone try vIRLs, no matter where you live. So for now, we encourage you to Instant-Sell any item that comes with a big shipping and customs fee.

And remember, this is just a temporary issue. Once our European facilities are open, local shipping rates will become available there and significantly lower redemption costs. We’re working towards the same process for other parts of the world too, such as Asia.

Also know that you can instantly transfer your vIRL to anyone in the world on WAX ExpressTrade without incurring shipping or customs charges. Since vIRLs are blockchain-based tokens, they can’t be copied or counterfeited. So anyone who gets your vIRL token knows it is genuine. We’ve set up a trading thread over on the WAX subreddit for any WAX ExpressTrade user to find trading partners here.

Thank you for your patience and support as we work to make vIRLs the best way to trade digital items.

– Team OPSkins


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