Triumph Crate Skins Now Tradable

Last night the PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Triumph Crate weapon skins became available to trade on the OPSkins Marketplace. The Triumph Crate features 18 unique skins for various weapons within the game, along with the 19 skins from the Raider Crate which was released in last week’s patch. This gives players a total of 37 different options to customize their PUBG weapon loadout.

The introduction of weapon skins has been something that players have been requesting since the game’s launch. First Person Perspective players have been the most vocal about this request, since they can not see the normal clothing cosmetic items while playing (which have been in the game since the days of early access). While these new weapon skins do not offer any in-game advantage and are purely cosmetic, they give PUBG players a chance to further customize their character to set them apart from others within the game.

The Triumph Crate items are still new to the OPSkins Marketplace, currently the top selling skins from the crate are: the GLORY – AKM which is selling for $329.99, the DESERT DIGITAL – M416 selling for $100.00, and the GLORY – UMP9 which is currently selling for $70.90.

The top selling skins currently for the Raider Crate are: the TURQUOISE DELIGHT – KAR98K for $188.99 dollars, the TURQUOISE DELIGHT – M16A4 for $139.99, and the GOLD PLATE – S686 which is selling for $106.97.

So be sure to check out the new Triumph Crate and Raider Crate on the OPSkins Marketplace and leave us a comment below letting us know which one of the new weapons skins is a must have for your PUBG loadout!


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