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Titan: Farewell to the Team and Hello to Newly Rare Stickers

Sticker | Titan | Katowice 2015

On January 14th we bid farewell to one of the teams in eSports. Founded in the latter half of 2013, Titan focused their activities on CS:GO, SMITE and Dota 2. Economically, everything seemed on track by the end of 2014 but 2015 they had other plans in store.

Last year one of the players in the teams CS:GO division was banned, which caused a ripple effect on the sponsorship deals that the team was counting on. With fewer sponsors backing the team their coffers started to run dry, and this week it was announced on their website that the team would shut down.

This post is not meant to reminisce on the past of a promising team, we’ll leave that the community. We will, however, look at the future of their merchandise, more specifically, the weapon stickers that are sold on OPSkins.

As soon as their shutdown was announced, the volume of units sold for the Katowice 2015 skyrocketed from six on January 12th to 78 the next day. The price also went up from $4.47 to $7.68 in that same time span and considering that Valve will not be releasing any more stickers of the team in the future, we can safely estimate that the price will continue to go up because they will become a rarity in the CS:GO marketplace. This is only the standard sticker, the Holo and the Foil managed to climb up to $60.83 and $35.58 respectively.

Look at all the effects of one ban. Imagine everything that can happen this year with the most recent bans issued by Valve.

So anyone that wants to make a good investment this year, a Titan sticker is the way to go, specifically the ones related to their last tournaments in 2015.

Titan Stickers Sale History

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