The Forge Arena

OPSkins is giving away 250 keys for the Forge Arena beta!

We love competitive FPS titles just as much as you probably do. And now, we’ve partnered with The Forge Arena to give away 250 keys (nope that’s not a typo) so that you can participate in the beta launch that begins today!

Click here to head on over to our Twitter and enter the giveaway!

About The Forge Arena:

“The Forge Arena is a tactical first-person shooter that supports up to 24 simultaneous players in an action-packed arena. Our competitive game mode features a two phase round where both teams compete to gather points by completing certain objectives. In the first phase, the objective is to capture the orb which sits in the middle of the arena. The focus shifts during the second phase when the team who captured the previous objective becomes the aggressors in a typical bomb site scenario.

To gain an edge over their opponents, players must manage their economy to equip themselves with the weapons of choice. Choose wisely from the wide variety of weapons and attachments that the 26th century world of Edenos has to offer.”

What do you think of the game? Let us know below, and head on over to our twitter to enter to win your free key!


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