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The Differences of Phases, Float and Wear

Despite Counter Strike: Global Offensive being a handful of years old and that most weapons and their different skins have been around for almost as long, there is still some confusion over what makes one more worth its weight than others. This especially impacts the market and its pricing, of which some people make a living from and depend on this market being stable in its prices (that will be explained in another post in-depth in the future). This post will focus on those differences and the specifics between phases, float and wear on weapons and knives. 

Each weapon carries a somewhat unique Float/Wear value. While these may seem to be different to most people, they are essentially the same value. Float/Wear value refers to a decimal or a percentage (ranging from 0.00-1.00 or 0-100%) and it determines how the weapon or knife looks when inspected. These values take the form of scratches when inspected in-game, either in your inventory or during a match, and can either make the gun seem worth more or less the price at which it is being sold. The wear percentage is included beneath each item listed on OPSkins.com for your convenience.

CSGO Dragon Lore
The wear percentage is displayed beneath an AWP Dragon Lore listed on OPSkins.com

Usually these scratches can manifest mostly on the outside regions of the weapon in the lower values (Such as a knife;s blade edge or a gun’s magazine), and along the inner regions or surfaces in the higher values. These values are also split into five groups; Factory New, Minimal Wear, Field-Tested, Well-Worn, and Battle-Scarred. These groups, or wears, are the first consideration when pricing certain skins. If the skin is Battle-Scarred, it will be cheaper than buying one that is Field-Tested or Factory New.

Phases are reserved for only one type of CS:GO knife skin, Dopplers. A Phase is a certain pattern to how a Doppler looks and is classified in numbered groups (Phase 1 through 4). When a Doppler is in a Phase group, it influences the price by a modest amount. Depending on how a Phase looks on a certain knife, it can either be worth more or less than other Phases.

A Phase 1 Doppler will be mostly black with a red stripe along the middle of the blade and a bit of red resting just above the hilt on the play side, and a red stripe running diagonal along the blade on the other side. A Phase 2 will be mostly red on the tip and towards the hilt of the blade with a bit of black in the middle on both sides of the blade. A Phase 3 will be somewhat blue on the tip and towards the hilt with a bit of black and small shade of green in the middle of the blade on both sides. Finally, a Phase 4 will be mostly blue with a black stripe in the middle of the blade on both sides. There are three other patterns for Dopplers; Ruby, Sapphire, and Black Pearl. These patterns are very different from phases, and require little explanation as to how they look.

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