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The Side-Chick: aka The CS:GO Handgun Part One

What happens when your main girl can’t kill the opposition and is running out of ammo? Most noobs will reload. But because the average reload time is three very long seconds, it’s better to call in your side-chick. A knife is also a good way to go, if you don’t mind running face first into a wall of bullets. On the other hand, your other girl will give you that much needed range in close quarter combat, even if she doesn’t pack the same punch as your main.

Most of us don’t last long enough to run out of ammo on our main unit (me counted among them), so we never see a use for our side-chick… I mean arm, sidearm, oh God…

Anyway for those who do, and want a sidearm that you can show off in public, we here at OPSkins have you covered with the largest selection of CS:GO handguns that will make you proud to pull out your unit in front of others.

This year we’ve had 972,300 handgun skins listed overall on our site and 772,500 have been sold. That is almost 1/6th of our total listed weapons. From the rapid fire CZ75-Auto to the brand new R8 Revolver, 2015 has proved to be a good year for buying and selling handguns.

We also carry the pistol round favorites: the P250 in its Nuclear Threat incarnation, the Glock 18 Fade, and the P2000 Ocean Foam with StatTrak. These are obviously the more expensive of the bunch with the StatTrak™ P2000 | Ocean Foam (Factory New) starting at $117.88, the P250 | Nuclear Threat (Factory New) costing $292.57 more and the Glock-18 | Fade (Minimal Wear) costing $279.95 (prices provided by SteamAnalyst.com).

Talk about an expensive date.

Glock-18 | Fade Factory New
Glock-18 | Fade
Factory New

The StatTrak Ocean Foam has been climbing in value with its Minimal Wear float starting at $99.82 from the previous $98.95 after it dropped between December 26 and 27 from $105.64 to  $98.95. The Factory New version however has been slowly declining in price from $125.77 before Christmas to $117.88 in recent days. So basically if you had a Minimal Wear StatTrak gun, you can sell it now and make a profit, where as the Factory New gun, even though it’s supposed to look better, has lost value in this last month.

The story is completely opposite with regards to the Nuclear Threat. Where as the Factory New started December at a little over $298.85 and climbed all the way to $328.40, the Minimal Wear version went from $25.30 during Christmas to $23.02 by the end of the month.

P250 | Nuclear Threat

Now the Glock 18 is a whole other story and it seems to be a good investment in either of its float wear scales, and surprisingly enough, the Minimal Wear version is listed with a higher starting price of $279.95 with regards to the Factory New version which is listed at $267.36.

Pretty doesn’t always mean more expensive.

These skins are special because due to their price and rarity very few units, if any, are sold. This means that even though they look cool and have a high price, they do not represent the market – they are only commodities that are traded very rarely. If you want to know how the market is behaving with regards to a gun or skin type, you have to look at the volume of units being sold. The more units sold, the better the market sample will be. On my next post we will be talking about the guns that move volume, how they have fluctuated in the past month and which is a better choice if it’s seen as an investment.

2015-12-31_16-56-06So remember, your main girl might be you first choice for doing long distance and dropping a few bucks, but when she’s out of the picture, don’t be afraid to spend some cash on the one that never lets you down when you want to get up close and personal.

The CS:GO handgun prices were provided by using SteamAnalyst.com and they may vary on OPSkins depending on the seller.




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