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Sales Volume and Price Fluctuation: The CS:GO Handgun Part Two

“Guns, lots of guns.” Nobody said it better than Neo, and it’s true for Part Two of our market analysis on CS:GO handguns.

In Part One we analyzed how the market value of the most expensive CS:GO skins for the three most popular handguns in the pistol round fluctuated in value, and we concluded that they are in no way representative of the actual market. You might think “Well then, why did you even bother writing the article?” and my editors might agree with you on that, but if this gets published then I made it out alive.

Part One focused on demonstrating how the price on the different levels of “wear” belonging to the same model skins can fluctuate over time. A Factory New skin might be cheaper than a Minimal Wear skin depending on how it sells, when it was dropped and how much a person paid to obtain it.

For market behavior, as we stated in Part One, we must look for volume of sales and obviously the price fluctuation. So let’s get down to business and analyze the trends:

P250 | Muertos
P250 | Muertos


The first skin on our list is a dead skin, more specifically a Spanish kind of dead.

The P250 | Muertos comes in with a whopping 24 units sold per day in the past month on average at $2.20, which gives us an average sales total of $52.80 per day. At its lowest in the start of December the skin sold for $1.95 and steadily climbed to its current average price of $2.31, an increase of 15% in a month. Not bad for a dead man.


P2000 | Fire Elemental
P2000 | Fire Elemental

The P2000 | Fire Elemental. In its Field Tested incarnation, the gun started this year with an average price of $7.22 and 27 units sold, on average daily. As with the P250, the average price of this gun went from $6.02 at the end of November last year to it’s current price, which rounds up to an increase in 16%. A small improvement over the previous gun and a good investment all around not only for the Pistol Round aficionado, but also for the customer looking to make a few cents on the side.


The USP-S | Orion is a nice addition to any inventory. The Factory New version of the skin is the most expensive on this list, starting the year with an average price of $9.41 and climbing. It had an increase in price of 8.5% from the previous month and it averaged sales of 56 units a day, which means that it is also one of the best selling skins we are reviewing in this article.


Bringing up the rear, but not because it’s any less than the previous skins is the Glock-18 | Water Elemental with a whopping 107 units sold on average per day and a price increase of 6.6% in the last month. The sale price went from $3.25 to $3.48 by the start of the year, meaning that this skin accounts for sales of $360 a day. If you want to get in on the action, look cool whenever you pull out your side-arm, and also don’t mind making a few cents, this skin is definitely the way to go.

USP-S | Orion
USP-S | Orion

Now, as enjoyable as it is getting paid to write about guns, this series must come to an end (sigh) so here’s the summary conclusion of all these numbers:

  • The P250 has the lowest amount of units sold daily but has the second highest percentage price increase among the four. Its price is climbing and it’s also the cheapest of the four, but it’s harder to move. So you don’t have to spend much to get one, and you will still make money (not much) when you sell it, but it will sit in your inventory for a long time.
  • The P2000 has the highest percentage increase with regards to average price of the four but is second to last in the amount of daily units sold. It is the second most expensive gun on this post, which means that it also moves slow, but if you get your hands on one and decide to sell it you will have made substantially more money. As the saying goes you gotta spend money to make money.
  • The USP-S manages to sell well above the regular price of the others, has a market value that’s increasing, and is only second in the amount of units sold daily. So a high entry bar but overall easy to sell and good rewards.
P2000 | Fire Elemental
P2000 | Fire Elemental
  • The Glock-18 is the second cheapest but it beats the other four with regards to the amount of units it sells a day. It also has the lowest percentage increase with regards to price, so you will have to stock up on a few, wait a little and then sell if you wish to get your money’s worth. You reap what you sow.

A CS:GO handgun is not going to make you rich overnight as they’re not as expensive as the main guns or knives in CS:GO. You won’t see much profit immediately but they do provide a stable entrance to the market of guns that, if administered wisely and patiently, will reap rewards. Handguns offer high volume in sales and in this case, a stable and growing price that can allow you to jump into the next big investment. So do the smart thing and buy a CS:GO handgun.

The prices and percentages on this post were extracted from OPSkins.com


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