PUBG: Leaked Weapon Skins!

As announced in the 2018 Road Map for PUBG, it looks like weapon skins are on the way. Thanks to data mining performed by Skin Tracker, brand new weapon skins, and new cosmetic items have been found in the game’s files.

While Cosmetic Items have been in the game since Early Access, these new skins will be the first actual weapon skins in the game, which is something that many First-Person Perspective players have been asking for since the new game-mode released.

Given the popularity of the weapons skins market for games like CS:GO, this is an unsurprising and welcome addition.

Weapon skins also open many different options to the OPSkins Community when it comes to buying, selling, and collecting PUBG skins. So be sure to check out all the new items that were found within the files over Skin Tracker and let us know which of the new skins is a must have for you by dropping a comment below!


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