PUBG Event Mode: Metal Rain

This weekend, players are in for a treat as PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS releases the latest Event Mode: Metal Rain. Following last week’s event mode (War), this game mode features an eight-man battle royal on Engrael, with heavily armored UAZ vehicles which can be called in via flare guns.

The rules for this event includes eight-man squads, meaning that you can queue up with seven of your friends.

When using the flare gun outside of the safe zone, it will call in a special airdrop that will deliver a heavily armored UAZ. If players use the flare gun within the safe zone, it will call in a special care package which will include high-end weapons like the Groza or the AWM. Unlike previous event modes, these flare guns will randomly spawn on the map instead of in fixed locations, meaning players will have to search for the flare guns.

The event mode is currently live and will run through April 22nd 7pm PDT. The full list of rules for the Event Mode: Heavy Rain can be found here. So be sure to check out the event and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.


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