New PUBG Item: The Mini-14 Rifle

Since the announcement that the PUBG development team would be slowing the release of patches, there hasn’t been much information on what type of changes are in the works for the highly successful battle royale game as it moves closer to full release.

However, today via Twitter PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS released the details of the latest weapon to be added: the Mini-14.

While there are few details about the new rifle and how it will perform, it has been confirmed that the new weapon will not be dropped into the game via care package like the last few arsenal additions. The Mini-14 will instead be a world spawn like most of the current rifles.

So far all tradable PUBG items, which can be bought and sold on OPSkins, are apparel only – skirts, boots, trenchcoats etc. Bluehole hasn’t said yet whether this rifle might be the first PUBG weapon to be tradable, but we’ll find out within the next week or so. If it is tradable, you’ll be able to find it on OPSkins.

Along with this newest addition to the PUBG arsenal, we learned that the patch also promises to bring a foggy weather condition, FPP leaderboards, and multiple bug fixes. The newest build of the game will be available on test servers starting next week, followed by a release to the live servers if the testing is successful.

Be sure to check back next week once the test server goes live for full patch notes, as well as details on when to expect the patch to be pushed to the live servers. Till then, let us know what you think of the new Mini-14 and how you expect it will perform in the comments below.


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