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Re-imagining the block explorer with the WAX Explorer

The WAX Explorer is a block explorer unlike any you’ve seen before. It features a user-friendly design, a visual representation of every single item traded including WAX Stickers and WAX Digital Art, and multiple 3D viewing and interactive features. To help you learn more and to give a breakdown of all that the WAX Explorer can do we’ve put together a new in-depth overview… Continue reading

OPSkins WAX Token

WAX on Stream: Twitch Streamers and YouTubers can now receive donations via WAX ExpressTrade, instantly and for free!

Update 1/13/18: #WAXonStream is now 24/7! Streamers, tweet us with #WAXonStream when you’re live any day, any time, for a chance to earn donations from Team WAX (must have the WAX Streamer Overlay installed). — Update 12/18/18: We have added new query parameters to the Streamer Overlay, view them here. — Introducing a brand new way for Twitch.tv streamers,… Continue reading