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Today we are pleased to announce that we have added Steam game INTERSHELTER to the OPSkins™ Marketplace. You can check out the items for sale here and put items you have for the game on the OPSkins Marketplace here. INTERSHELTER is a post-apocalyptic Battle Royale game where 50 players battle it out to secure their place in one of the seven shelters located on the map.

Unlike other Battle Royale games, in INTERSHELTER there is no inventory system within the game. This means that the character needs to carry everything; this limits players to two primary weapons and two secondary weapons. The game also features a variety of armor skins, clothing skins, and emotes that allow players to customize their character within the game.

INTERSHELTER is also free to play meaning that you can try the game out now. So be sure to check out the game and let us know which items you plan on trading or adding to your collection by leaving a comment below!


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