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OPSkins Welcomes Ether Online

Today we are pleased to announce that we will be adding support of Ether Online to the OPSkins™ Marketplace.  Ether Online is one of the very first MMORPG’s that utilizes blockchain technology. In Ether Online, players can collect unique digital assets in the form of Pets and Equipment. Upon launch, the game will feature 500 unique pieces of equipment and various pets that will allow players to customize their character to their choosing. Players in Ether Online can also compete in player-vs-environment challenges, or square off against other Ether Online players in player-vs-player action.  

Ether Online is built on the Ethereum blockchain and every piece of equipment and pet within the game is a non-fungible token, or NF. Players will be able to trade and sell their equipment and pets for Ether Online when support is added to the OPSkins Marketplace later this year.

Be sure to check out Ether Online and leave a comment below if you will be checking the game out when it is added to the OPSkins Marketplace.


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