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OPSkins Welcomes CryptoSpaceX

Today we are pleased to announce that we will be adding CryptoSpaceX support to the OPSkins Marketplace. CryptoSpaceX is a unique strategy battle game that combines open-world gameplay with blockchain-based crypto collectibles.

In CryptoSpaceX players can collect and battle planets and starships while scavenging for the in-game natural resource, Stardust, which can be used to build and upgrade items. Since CryptoSpaceX is built on the Ethereum Blockchain, once support is added to the OPSkins Marketplace users will be able to buy, sell, and ExpressTrade their CryptoSpaceX items.

So be sure to check out CryptoSpaceX to learn more about the game and leave a comment below letting us know what you think about the game!


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