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OPSkins Welcomes CryptoSaga

We are pleased to announce that we will be adding support for CryptoSaga to the OPSkins™ Marketplace. CryptoSaga is a decentralized RPG built on the Ethereum blockchain. In CryptoSaga players are able to purchase, collect, level up, and battle their heroes with other players in the game.

Unlike other Digital Crypto Collectable games that use static images to show off their assets, CryptoSaga features animated heroes, mobs, and backgrounds. Players can use their heroes to take on Player Versus Environment challenges like dungeons, or battle their heroes against other players in the arena just like in traditional RPG games.

Since every hero in CryptoSaga is an ERC-721 token, once integrated into the OPSkins Marketplace, players will be able to trade heroes like they do with any traditional item from games like PUBG or CS:GO.

So check out CryptoSaga and let us know what you think about the game by leaving a comment below and be sure to check back regularly for updates on when CryptoSaga and other Crypto Collectable games will be integrated into the OPSkins Marketplace.


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