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OPSkins Welcomes CryptoFighters

Today we are excited to announce that CryptoFighters will be added to OPSkins.com! CryptoFighters is a competitive multiplayer game centered around unique collectible fighters designed on the Ethereum Blockchain. All fighters are uniquely built with different attributes, weapons, and appearances, and they are meant to be collected, trained, leveled-up, and battled to win new fighters! CryptoFighters are ERC-721 tokens and a decentralized application, and you will be able to sell your CryptoFighters on OPSkins like any traditional skin and item.

Soon you will be able to purchase CryptoFighters with your OPSkins Wallet Funds account balance or your cryptocurrency balance, including WAX Tokens. Stay tuned for updates on when Crypto fighters will be fully integrated on OPSkins as well as otherĀ great ERC-721 tokens like CryptoBots, Etherbots, and Etheremon.

Check out CryptoFighters and let us know which fighter is your favorite and what fighters you plan to trade once they hit the OPSkins Market by leaving a comment below!



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