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UPDATED: Become a Buyer’s Club Member and Get the Best Deals in the Marketplace

We’ve leveled the playing field. OPSkins is now offering an exclusive opportunity for you to get the best prices on in-game items. Beginning 12am EST on Friday September 9th, for the first five minutes when a valuable item is listed for sale on our marketplace, only members of the OPSkins Buyer’s Club have access to purchase it, so you get first dibs on recently listed items. Gone are the days when bots snipe the good deals in mere seconds, since Buyer’s Club members now have the same opportunity to jump on the best-priced items as the bots do.

Details on the OPSkins Buyer’s Club Membership:

  • One (1) item can be bought using the 10-minute window every day (other items purchased within that day will be standard purchases)
  • Cost is $9.95 per month
  • Anyone can join, even if you also have a Premium Membership

Sign-up for the Buyer’s Club membership here 

A Buyer’s Club logo will appear next to the item for the first 10 minutes that it’s listed, which indicates that it is only available to members of the Buyer’s Club. The color of the icon signifies how much time is left for an item to be a Buyer’s Club exclusive:

  • Green: 2.5-5 minutes left
  • Yellow: 1-2.5 minutes left
  • Red: 0-1 minute left

Other benefits:

  • Sick and tired of seeing the items you’ve been drooling over get sniped by a %#&* bot when it hits the market at a decent price? Now there’s a level playing field, since even if the bots have a Buyer’s Club membership, they too can only grab one item per day
  • Get the most value out of your inventory. With thousands of items listed for sale on OPSkins every day, this guarantees that each Buyer’s Club member will have exclusive access to purchase one amazing deal per day

Here at OPSkins we’re always improving our customer’s experience when purchasing skins. This is another of the several features we’ve introduced recently, and there will be more to come. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. Matt Matt

    Suggested price, 7 days on opskins or from Steam analyst bacause it’s not the same?

    And don’t say “we’re always improving our customer’s experience when purchasing skins.” I don’t see how you guys are improving my experince, i will have to pay 16$/month now and i can only buy 1 item <20% per day? That's a really nice joke.

    I bought a Kara Marble Fac for 0.02$ 1-2 month ago, where were bots at this time?

    Bots also don't usually buy items <20%, bayonet doppler FN 150$=20%, this is not a really good deal, so don't tell me bots buy this.
    20% is so stupid…

    If you want to rise prices, do it but don't block us with your 1 item/day, and don't say that it's for us.



    • Arielle Arielle

      Thanks for your feedback Matt. It’s the OPSkins 7 day pricing that applies. Also you can still buy as many items per day as you want, but only one within that exclusive 10 minute window.

      • Matt Matt

        Thanks for your answer,

        What happen if we refund one item in the 10 minutes window? Do we lose our 1 item per day?

        I would like to know also, is it a bot who bought the 400$ Dragon Lore FN 1-2 days ago?


        • Arielle Arielle

          If you refund an item, you do get to purchase another one. You don’t lose your one item per day.

          Regarding the DLore – The most accurate measurement of bot activity is how long an item is on the market before it’s purchased. An item that sells after only being on the market for five seconds (or less) was purchased by a bot. So if you take a look at how long the DLore was on the market for before it was purchased, it should give you an indication of whether or not it was from a bot.

  2. Krillbow Krillbow

    I have premium. Do I have to pay 9.95$ for premium + buyer’s club or I have to pay 5.99$ for premium + 9.95$ for buyer’s club?
    The explanation was not clear on that.

    Thank you.

    • Arielle Arielle

      They’re two separate memberships, so yes.

  3. Dingo Dingo

    Nothing has changed , and bots remained. You just decided to capitalize on this

    • Arielle Arielle

      Banning the bots actually means less money for us. Bots hurt our regular customers, but we still get the commission whether the bot buys an item or a legitimate customer. However it’s the right thing to do for our customers, so we constantly ban the new bots that crop up every day. With the Buyer’s Club, the bots can’t clean house anymore. If the price of the Buyer’s Club was much lower, bots would just all have the membership, so this deters the incentive to bot the site.

  4. Mike Mike

    Would you guys consider developing a “check box” for buyers club only items. For example how you have a check box for”instant field inspect only” and “vanilla only”

    • Arielle Arielle

      Thanks for the suggestion, I sent it to the developers.

  5. Abdul Rehman Abdul Rehman


    Its not a good idea we can buy 1 deal/ day if we waste allday on opskin for 1 deal its really waste of time you are killing those buyer who waste all day on opskin now they dont get anything only 1 item its really bad idea already opskin earning good but they want more more more thats why they put this new feature and crashing those guys who waste there all day on site

    • Arielle Arielle

      You can purchase as many items as you want per day. However only one item can be purchased in the Buyer’s Club parameters (listed for less than five minutes, most heavily discounted items). After any item is listed for more than five minutes, you can buy it.

  6. Dingo Dingo

    Previously, all discount have been bought in seconds , now the same , only now have to pay for it every month.Thank you!

  7. Abdul Rehman Abdul Rehman

    So if we buy membership we can buy as many items we want or we can buy 1 item in that coming in green yellow or red option

    • Arielle Arielle

      You can buy as many items as you want, but only one item can be purchased per day within the Buyer’s Club parameters (yes, the green, red or yellow icon)

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