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OPSkins Site Update: Bulk Item Repricing Tool

OPSkins is introducing a change to the website that will allow you to better manage your listings. You can now reprice a bulk quantity of items with one simple step. Gone are the days when you had to manage the price of each item individually if you wished to reduce more than one. Now, with this new feature, it’s a matter of selecting the items on which you want to add the discount, click on the “Discount Items By Percent” button, adding the discount, and clicking Apply Discount.

The idea behind this feature is to speed up the sale of your items. If you have items that haven’t been sold for a month (or a day, if you’re really that impatient), this feature is worth checking out.

You can find the button by going to your Item Sales tab in your account settings and looking at the bottom of the list, as shown below.


You select the items you plan to add a discount to, and click the Discount Items by Percent button. This will prompt a window to appear where you can select the percentage of the discount that you wish to apply on the selected items, as shown here:


After selecting the percentage and clicking Apply Discount, the price of the selected items will be reduced by the selected percentage (in this case we chose 5%). You can check what the new price on the selected items will be by looking at the convenient list on the popup.

This is another of the several features we’ve introduced recently, as we at OPSkins are constantly working to improve our customers’ experience. Let us know what you think in the comments.




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