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OPSkins Site Update: New Login Method


OPSkins is introducing a change to the website that will increase the security of your account and inventory, and allow you to use OPSkins even when Steam is down.

Effective 8/17/16, you can optionally login to OPSkins with a new OPSkins username and password instead of using Steam to log in. If you want to keep just signing in through Steam, that’s cool too! Here’s why this is a good change:

Increased security: now if your Steam account is ever compromised, your OPSkins account will remain safe because the hacker won’t also automatically have access to your OPSkins account.

Increased usage: you’ll still be able to login to OPSkins if Steam is down, where previously you could not sign in if Steam Community was unavailable. This means that during some Steam outages, you can continue trading.

Better support: our support staff is able to better serve you if you’ve verified your email address (e.g. via password resets)

Important things to note:

– If you already have an OPSkins account, you will be asked to set up a username and password the next time you sign in, and you will be asked to verify your email address.
– Once you have your username and password set, you can sign in using your OPSkins account or continue to login using your Steam login.
– You’ll be able to reset your password via your verified email address.
– You’ll be able to disable Steam sign-ins on your account if you wish for extra security (this is voluntary).
– New users must register a username and password – they won’t be able to just sign in through Steam the first time they log into OPSkins.

This is another of the several features we’ve introduced recently, as we at OPSkins are constantly working to improve our customers’ experience. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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