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OPSkins Site Update: Find the perfect skin with the new Weapon Builder

As part of our constant improvement to our marketplace, we’ve added a nifty new feature to the site called the Weapon Builder.

Lets say you have a specific CS:GO skin that you want to buy, and you want to know if there are any on sale on OPSkins with stickers. You simply go to the Weapon Builder page and select the weapon category:


You will be able to choose from pistols, rifles, SMGs, shotguns and machine guns (heavy). For this example, we chose the rifles.


And more specifically, we chose the AK-47 from the list of available rifles for CS:GO.


The page will now show a drop-down list of the skin names for this rifle. We chose the Case Hardened skin for the AK-47 and by doing this, the page will show the Wear Category that you can select for the skin (we selected Field-Tested):


You can now see the cheapest skin for this category, and by clicking on the Next button it will send you to the Stickers menu where you can select the type and number of stickers on the skin that you want. Once you have selected a sticker for the skin, the page will display the number of available units (in this case seven) currently on the marketplace that have this combination of the skin with the stickers on it.


Here’s where it gets interesting because underneath the sticker selection, there is a blue button labeled Request Screenshot. Once you press it, the page will provide a screenshot of the weapon with the skin and the sticker on the position you selected (1, 2, 3, 4).


If you were not sure how the skin would look with a sticker or several stickers on it, then the weapon builder can help you – just remember that if the Weapon Builder cannot show you a result of the skin with the stickers, then that means that the specific combination that you’re looking for is currently unavailable in our marketplace.

Happy weapon building!

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  1. It looks really nice

  2. Eddy Eddy

    when is it coming out i am really excited

    • Arielle Arielle

      It’s out!

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