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Introducing OPSkins ExpressTrade: Trade Instantly, for Free, to Anyone

You asked for it, we built it. ExpressTrade, a free, instant peer-to-peer trading service, is now live on OPSkins.com for CS:GO items.

What does ExpressTrade mean for you, an OPSkins customer? Instead of listing an item for sale on OPSkins or purchasing one, you can simply trade items back and forth with other users instantly, and for free.

Why did OPSkins build ExpressTrade?

We built ExpressTrade to make a difficult trading environment easier for the community, which has helped OPSkins grow from a small CS:GO marketplace in 2015, to the company that it is today.

We understand that Valve implemented the 7-day trade holds to prevent scamming in the community, which obviously has been a major problem for traders since before OPSkins was ever around. In fact, that’s why we built OPSkins way back in 2015 – to help people avoid rampant scams when trading CS:GO items for real-life money.

And now we’re introducing ExpressTrade for similar reasons – to use all of the resources that we’ve built over the last 3+ years to prevent scamming, and combine that with a trading mechanism that will enable the community to once again trade safely, easily, and without fear of scams. Through our extensive and sometimes onerous anti-fraud measures (whitelisting, 2FA, low-priced and over-priced item sale restrictions, SMS verification, etc), we believe we’ve been effective in eliminating a lot of the scamming that’s plagued traders of CS:GO and other Steam-based items. We feel that through our experience and dedication to fighting fraud in the trading community, that we are the right vehicle for once again creating the tools that allow people to trade safely, just like we did in 2015. For these reasons, ExpressTrade is completely free.

How to use OPSkins ExpressTrade

To get started, visit trade.opskins.com to get your ExpressTrade URL in your Account Settings. From there, you can transfer CS:GO items from your OPSkins Inventory to your ExpressTrade inventory.

Once you have items in your ExpressTrade inventory, enter your trading partner’s ExpressTrade URL in your browser. Then select your items, make your offer, and that’s it! It’s totally free, and trades are completed instantly.

Please be advised that for security reasons, 2-factor authentication is mandatory for all ExpressTrade users, and will be enforced for both parties in every trade.

OPSkins ExpressTrade API

There is a free and public API for ExpressTrade. You can access this through your ExpressTrade Account Settings at trade.opskins.com

What do you think of ExpressTrade? Let us know in the comments!



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