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Now on OPSkins: CryptoKitties!

Today, the global ETH blockchain-based gaming phenomenon meets the skins trading market. That’s right – CryptoKitties can be purchased and sold on OPSkins. Browse listings here.

You’re a skin trader, why should you care about digital cat trading? Because the CryptoKitties are addictingly fun, are so popular that at one point were responsible for 15% of all transactions on the Ethereum network, and can be or become incredibly valuable.

Like skins, CryptoKitties are one-of-a-kind collectible digital items that can vary in price from less than a dollar to $100,000+.

You can purchase CryptoKitties with either your OPSkins Wallet Funds account balance or with WAX Tokens.

Give them a try when they go live tomorrow and let us know what you think!



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