New PUBG Weapon Skins Data-Mined

Just a few days ago PUBG Corp. released the Triumph Crate and the Raider Crate which included the first weapon skins in the game since its release last year. While these new skins have quickly become some of the most sought-after items in the game many players have already stated that they want more skins. These players may not have to wait long, thanks to data mining done by Skin Tracker: eight new weapon skin, including two new skins for the pan, have been found within the latest patch for PUBG.

These new skins consist of the Gold Plate Groza, Silver Plate UMP9, The Olive Branch Pan, Shark Bite KARk98k, Shark Bite M16A1, Gold Plate AWM, Silver Plate Tommy Gun, and the Target Practice Pan. While it’s not known when these new items will be released or what crate they will be found in, players can head over to Skin Tracker and check out the items now.

So be sure to head over to Skin Tracker to check out these new weapon skins and let us know which one is your favorite by dropping a comment below!


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