New PUBG Event Mode

The newest event mode for PUBG is now live! Hot off the heels of last week’s event mode Tequila Sunrise, this week’s game mode is WAR which has been enthusiastically requested by the community since its release into custom games. WAR is the deadliest event mode that PLAYERUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS has released so far.

In WAR you join one of three 10-man squads that will battle it out to see which squad is the best when the dust settles. What makes WAR so special is that when players die, they will reappear in a plane and plummet back down into the battle.  Every player in this game mode will spawn with one random AR or DMR, one random pistol, level-one helmet, level-one vest, and a grenade. Each kill you earn will grant you three points, and the first team to get 200 points in this new game mode will be crowned the victor.

This mode will run until April 15th at 7pm PDT. So be sure to check out the full event rules here and let us know what you think of this new game mode and if you would like it to become a permanent game mode for PUBG by leaving a comment below.


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