New PUBG Equinox Crate Announced

Today Update #11 for PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS has hit the test servers. This patch brings some fresh and interesting features like a new marker added to the map that allows players to check the flight path of the plane. The marker is visible to players while they are waiting in the lobby up to the point they jump from the plane and head to their destination. While this new feature will allow for better pre-match planning, the biggest news for the OPSkins Community is the inclusion of the new Equinox Crate and frying pan skin which were datamined from the game last week!

The new Equinox Crate features 13 brand new weapon skins that range from the Desert Digital – Micro UZI to the Shark Bite – Kar98k. This new crate, which is earned through the Weekly Random Crates, has a 25% drop rate and users who secure the crate have a chance to earn an unknown bonus weapon skin on top of the normal crate rewards. The chances of getting each item from the Equinox Crate are as follows:

Players for the first time will also be able to purchase a new frying pan skin with Battle Points. This new skin dubbed “Target Practice” will be purchasable once per account for 5,000BP.

To test the new Equinox Crate and for security verification, players who log onto the test server before the patch hits the live servers will be given 10 Equinox Crates, 20 Weapon Skin Keys, 20 Early Bird Keys, and 100k BP.

The inclusion of these new skins is sure to make the community happy after the first round of weapon skins released through the Triumph Crate and Raider Crate where such a big hit with the community. So be sure to head over to the test server and check out the new Equinox Crate and leave a comment below letting us know what new skin is a must have for your PUBG Collection!


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