OPSkins WAX Token

NEW: Login to your OPSkins account with WAX All Access

WAX All Access is now live, and all OPSkins.com accounts have automatically been converted to WAX All Access accounts. You can now access any WAX-powered site using your existing login credentials or by logging in with Facebook or Steam. Please note that this in no way connects the private information on your OPSkins account with your Facebook or Steam account. Only very specific permissions are received from these third-parties and do not involve your OPSkins account information in any way.

In addition to simplifying the login process, WAX All Access allows WAX Token holders to participate in the upcoming WAX Airdrop in June 2019. Additionally, this SSO and OAUTH service will also allow you to link your WAX Blockchain account to your other accounts. 

Let us know what you think of the new login in the comments!


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