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New Games Coming Soon to WAX ExpressTrade

OPSkins has announced 20 new NFT (non-fungible token) games and blockchain-based item partners over the past few months, and today we’re happy to announce that items for these will soon be tradeable on WAX ExpressTrade, instantly and for free.

Our full list of current blockchain-based item partners is listed below, and we have many more planned:

What is WAX ExpressTrade?

We built ExpressTrade to make item trading as easy as possible. This feature enables anyone with an OPSkins account to trade to any other ExpressTrade user – instantly and for free.

Items for these games and services can soon be purchase on OPSkins.com using a variety of payment methods including USD and cryptocurrencies, and sales can be cashout out to USD, WAX, ETH, BTC, and dozens of other fiat currencies.

How to use WAX ExpressTrade

To get started, visit trade.opskins.com to get your ExpressTrade URL in your Account Settings.

Once you have items in your ExpressTrade inventory, enter your trading partner’s ExpressTrade URL in your browser. Then select your items, make your offer, and that’s it! It’s totally free, and trades are completed instantly.

Please be advised that for security reasons, 2-factor authentication is mandatory for all WAX ExpressTrade users, and will be enforced for both parties in every trade.

There is a free and public API for ExpressTrade. You can access this through your ExpressTrade Account Settings at trade.opskins.com



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