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NEW: Even More Cashout Options with OPSkins Direct Cashout Services

We are excited to announce that we’ve enhanced our Cashout process even further through OPSkins Direct Cashout Services. OPSkins has partnered with a leading international payments provider so you can receive your Cashout faster and have more choices when it comes to receiving the funds you earned from item sales.

There are no changes being made to the existing PayPal Cashout process. And in case you missed it, this is in addition to other upgrades we’ve made to our Cashout process this month.

Key features of the OPSkins Direct Cashout Services payment platform:

  • Choose how you want to receive your Cashout funds – We can deposit your Cashout funds directly into your local bank account in 170+ supported currencies, or load it onto a virtual prepaid Visa card. You can even choose to split the funds between these two options or use multiple bank accounts if that suits your needs. The choice is really up to you.
  • Receive your Cashout funds sooner — As always when cashing out on OPSkins, standard cashouts are issued within 4-7 days after they’re requested. When your cashout hits, prepaid cards will receive loads in real-time, while bank transfers take 1-3 business days on average (depending on the country). With OPSkins Direct Cashout Services, we get full visibility into each transaction and can tell you exactly when your funds will arrive.
  • Take home more of your earnings – If you’re depositing your earnings into a bank account, you will enjoy low bank transfer fees thanks to OPSkins Direct Cashout Services’s broad global network. The fees will be about the same as PayPal’s cashout fees.
  • Dedicated customer support – OPSkins Direct Cashout Services will introduce multilingual phone, email, and chat support to answer your questions and quickly resolve any Cashout transaction issues.
  • Alternative payout methods — Based on your feedback, we are planning to add more payout options in the future. For example, we are considering including a cash pickup option through MoneyGram at 350,000+ locations worldwide, as well as direct deposit into mobile wallets. Let us know if either of these methods interest you – your feedback is valuable to us.
  • A consolidated payment experience – OPSkins Direct Cashout Services unifies your earnings dashboard and Cashout optionality within a single environment, delivering your entire payment experience through just one third-party provider.  

We value your business and commitment to OPSkins, and we want to ensure you are paid quickly for your sales on our marketplace, and in a manner that suits your lifestyle. As always, thank you for your loyalty to OPSkins, we look forward to continuing to enhance your experience on our marketplace.

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