H1Z1 Pro League News from TwitchCon 2017!

At TwitchCon 2017 Twin Galaxies and Daybreak Games held a conference with the H1Z1 Pro Community to go over how the newly announced H1Z1 Pro League will operate.

One of the first topics addressed during the conference was regarding the franchise system for teams. Unlike most leagues, which currently require teams to compete and bid against each other while trying to buy into a league, the H1Z1 Pro League will be free. Teams wanting to compete in the league will apply and their applications will be approved based on criteria, such as: Team Brand, Financial Stability, and Proper Player Management. If approved a team will then be accepted into the league and required to meet certain conditions, such as the ability to provide their players with a $50,000 base salary for competing in the league.

Once approved by the league the teams will have free reign to build their roster for the first year if the players meet the following requirements:

  • Players must have achieved royalty in solo at any point before the end of preseason 7
  • Have a verified Twin Galaxies and Daybreak account that’s in good standing
  • Must be at least 17 years of age

Moving into the second year, Twin Galaxies will be building combined events that will establish a clear path for new players to become a professional and therefore qualify for the H1Z1 Pro League.

Another important point brought up during the conference was how exactly the teams and the players will make money while competing in the league. The main source of revenue for the league and its participants will consist of sponsorship deals, TV, and digital broadcasting rights, and of course everyone’s favorite: H1Z1 Pro League Crates! The current plan for crates is to release two to three H1Z1 Pro League Crates per year, these will highlight different teams and players who are competing in the H1Z1 Pro League. Overall the Teams will be given 25% of profits made from the league to help support the originations competing in the league and to provide a stable income for the players.

Speaking of teams and players, the league developers also announced the league’s Governance Community. The Community will have the final ruling on every change that impacts the league. The Governance Community will consist of the following members:

  • The Commissioner
  • Team Representative
  • Player Representative
  • Daybreak Representative
  • Twin Galaxies Representative

When it comes to any changes to the league, new rules, and more importantly changes to the game, the changes will only be implemented if the vote passes the community. This new league structure is one of the first of its kind and finally gives the Pro Players a direct voice in the game design and future of the game. This should help avoid problems moving forward, such as the Combat Update.

Something interesting that was addressed during the event was that they would not be enforcing any type of teaming rules moving forward. For example, since the league is based on a NASCAR point style system, if one team pulls ahead in the league the other teams would be allowed to team up and eliminate them before fighting each other. This is based on the mindset that the game will only allow for one winner; at some point, teams or players that decide to team together would have to face off against each other to determine the winner. With the lack of teaming rules, it will be interesting to see how it plays off but of course, just like everything else in the league, it is subject to change via the Governing Community.

On top of discussing the new league structures and the rules for the new league, the Daybreak team took the stage to answer some questions and provide a roadmap for what the course of the game will look like moving forward and what’s in the works. The following is on the list of features that will be coming:

  • Increasing Skill Gap
  • Working on Combat Tuning
  • Map Tuning
  • Improved Movement Quality
  • New Maps
  • Smaller Maps
  • New Weapons
  • Focusing on reducing the RNG
  • Pick your spawn point
  • Pro League Tournament Servers

Overall, the conference was very informative and offered great insight into Twin Galaxies and Daybreak’s plans moving forward with the H1Z1 Pro League, as well as the game itself. Judging by the success other games have seen from truly established leagues, it looks like the H1Z1 Pro League will ultimately be the next big thing for the H1Z1 community.


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