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H1Z1 Is Now Free To Play And More!

Daybreak Studios announced today that H1Z1 is going Free to Play. Starting today anyone can download and play H1Z1 and Auto Royale for free. For players who have previously purchased the game and helped test throughout Early Access they will be rewarded with the “H1Z1 Appreciation Pack”, which consist of various skins, crates, and in-game currency.

The studio also announced 3 sets of DLC for the game to celebrate the transition to Free to Play. The DLC’s Bronze Battle Royale Pack, Silver Battle Royale Pack, and the Gold Limited Edition battle pack include everything ranging from crates to custom skins for your cars.

On top of the announcements for the game going Free to Play and the launch of new cosmetic DLC packs the H1Z1 Pro League confirmed the 15 teams that will be fighting it out in the first season of the league. Anthony Castoro, H1Z1 General Manager was quoted on the announcement of the league.

“We are very excited to announce that H1Z1 will be free to play starting today. Not only does this decision allow us to share our version of Battle Royale and Auto Royale with even more players, but it signifies the next step in making H1Z1 a must-watch esport. The Pro League is going to redefine esports when it kicks off in Las Vegas this April, and whether a person is an aspiring pro athlete or just wants to play with friends, we want everyone to have the chance to play the most competitive battle royale game.”

You can find the full update here and if you have been waiting for the chance to pick up H1Z1 the time has never been better. Let us know what you think about the game, the change to Free To Play, and the new DLC sets by leaving a comment below.


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