H1Z1 Massive Update!

Today H1Z1 launched a major update to the game as it leaves early access. The game, which has now been in development for three years, received an update that includes a new game mode, brand new features, and an all-new reward system for players!

First up is the brand new game mode Auto Royale. It’s a new team-based, vehicular battle royale game mode. In Auto Royale, you and your teammates are locked into a vehicle and get launched into the map with up to 29 other teams. The game mode also features elements such as a new ARV military style vehicle, a light machine gun, landmines, jump ramps and more.

Up next is changes to the rank system starting with no more preseasons. It kicks off off with Season 1, an all-new scoring system that rewards players for consistency and includes the potential for de-ranking. The goal of the new system is to make it friendlier for all players.

Another new feature is the Tactical Deployment system which gives players the ability to select which sector they will parachute into at the start of the map. Any zone can be selected while players wait for the map to start, and a heatmapping system will pop up indicating where other players have picked to drop.

Finally, the reward system has been reworked. Players will now be earning the New Victory Crate for winning matches and Skull rewards for placing well in different match types. While these new skins aren’t available to trade, they can be broken down into scrap.

To get the full details of the launch patch for H1Z1 be sure to head here, and feel free to leave us a comment below and let us know what you think about this latest patch!


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