H1Z1 Global Unique Item Listed on OPSkins

One of the Global Unique items for H1Z1 is now available to purchase on the OPSkins Marketplace. During the launch of H1Z1, Daybreak Games released two Legendary Unique items into the game. These items were the first of this new rarity level, and each item is the only one in existence and will never be given out again.

These items, The Midnight Helmet and the Sunset Helmet, were rewarded through a contest that had players earning entries via purchases of crates within the game. Due to the rarity of these items they have quickly become two of the most sought-after and most valuable items within the game.

Last night the Midnight Freerunner Helmet became available for purchase on the OPSkins Marketplace. The item first appeared on the marketplace listed for $35,000 before being marked down to $20,000. While we don’t know if this item will sell for $20,000 or if the item will even be purchased what we do know is that since this item is Global Unique the user can set any price he desires for the item.

While $20,000 may sound like a lot to some traders, it’s important to note that earlier this year a Souvenir Dragon Lore sold on OPSkins.com for $61,052.63.

So, let us know what you think of this one-of-a-kind item and what you think the item will end up selling for if it does get purchased through the OPSkins Marketplace by leaving a comment below.



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