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GIVEAWAY: Win an AWP | Dragon Lore by Adding 2-FA to Your OPSkins Account

Want to add an AWP | Dragon Lore (Factory New) to your inventory, while also keeping your OPSkins account as safe as possible? We’ve combined this into one giveaway:

ENABLE 2-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION ON YOUR ACCOUNT AND BE ENTERED TO WIN A DRAGONLORE (if you already have it enabled, you’re automatically entered).

Contest ends April 21st

Here’s how it works:

What is two-factor authentication? Two-factor authentication (2-FA) protects your account by requiring a unique code from an app on your mobile device every time you sign in to OPSkins.

How do I set it up on my phone? Download a 2-FA app on your phone. 2-FA apps are available for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone

How do I enable 2-FA on OPSkins? Visit your Account Page > Account Settings > Account Security > Enable Two-Factor Authentication. Then, use your 2-FA mobile app to scan the barcode that appears.

That’s it. We will select the winner on April 21st, 2017 good luck!

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  1. Kim Helge Horpestad Kim Helge Horpestad

    What if you already have it activated?

    • Arielle Arielle

      Then you’re already entered and you don’t have to do anything else

  2. Mango Mango

    Opskins evolving. You guys actually care about your customers ;D

  3. Tilltall Tilltall

    I like it! It’s more save and i’ve got a chance to win a dragon lore! 😀
    GL to all

  4. Matt B, Matt B,

    When is it over? cause I applied today (21st)..

    thanks for answer!

    • Arielle Arielle

      It’s over on April 21st

  5. Fabian van Dooren Fabian van Dooren

    Damn that Dragonlore would look sick on my loadout 😛 gl to everyone

  6. Cameron Cameron

    Great initiative! Does it include people who already have it activated?

    • Jusitn Jusitn

      Yes it does.

  7. Okalume Okalume

    Thanks, good luck everyone

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