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Fnatic x WAX: Win Prizes during Sunday’s Live Stream event at 1pm EST!

Update 1/13/19: To be eligible for prizes including the WAX Sticker gifted to every participant, enter your email address in the giveaway overlay. 

This Sunday at 1pm EST, WAX and Fnatic will be teaming up to gift authentic digital collectibles and branded physical merchandise during the Twitch live stream event “Legends in Action – LIVE.” Prizes include ‘legendary’ cut-and-sew custom Air Jordan 1 shoes with designs by clegfx, merchandise autographed by the team’s pro players, pro gaming gear and more.

Air Jordan 1 | Fnatic Crystalize
Air Jordan 1 | Fnatic Crystalize sneakers custom designed by clegfx will be given away during the Fnatic x WAX live stream event

An entirely new line of Fnatic x WAX digital esports memorabilia and collectibles will be released during the live event. If you win, you can sell, swap, store, and gift these limited-edition items on your WAX ExpressTrade account – instantly and free of charge. That means you can trade those items with anyone else in the world without having to take physical ownership of the items, or store digital versions of the items in your WAX account and have it shipped to you at a later time. Thanks to the WAX Blockchain, each Fnatic x WAX item is 100% authentic and cannot be altered or counterfeited by third party, which means that digital versions of Fnatic products can now be used online in ways not before possible.

So be sure to tune in this Sunday, January 13 at 1pm EST here: https://www.twitch.tv/fnatic for your chance to take home one of hundreds of prizes and giveaways!


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