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Dota 2: OG is the First Team to Win Two Majors

Image from: @wykrhm
Image from: @wykrhm

The last major before The International has come to an end, and after a long week of battle team OG claimed their Second Major. The Fall major in November 2015 in Frankfurt was the first major that the European team won (it was also the first Major of the Dota Major Championships) and took home $1,110,000 in prize pool money (out of a $3 million pot), and they’ve done it again after claiming the Spring Major in Manila yesterday.

Team Liquid faced OG after fighting their way to the Final through the Lower Bracket, beating some of the team favorites such as Newbee and Fnatic. Team OG took the Reaver trophy after beating Team Liquid 3-1.

Newbee made it to the Upper Bracket Finals but lost to OG 2-1, and ended up in 3rd place (and taking $315,000 in prize pool money) after losing to a determined Team Liquid 2-1 on the Lower Bracket Finals. This result marks Team Liquid’s second consecutive appearance in a Major final after losing to Team Secret 3-1 in the Shanghai Major earlier this year. The Second place prize for this major was $405,000.

It’s important to note that Team Liquid and OG are the only two European teams that haven’t had any roster changes since the team’s creation in 2015 after The International 2015. Team Secret and EG (two of the favorite teams) had some interesting roster changes leading to this Major – Team Secret replaced two of their players (right after winning the Shanghai Major with this roster) and replaced them with Universe and Arteezy from EG, forcing the Boys In Blue (EG) to act quickly and find replacements.

EG and Team Secret ended up last during this Major, and Secret’s director rapidly took to twitter to announce that Universe will be going back to EG and BuLba (who joined  EG during March) will be going to Team Secret. EG made an official announcement welcoming Universe to the team and confirming the rumors of Zai replacing Aui_2000. According to the rules regarding roster changes, both Team Secret and Evil Geniuses will need to play the Open Qualifiers for The International 2016 due to the recent roster changes being done after the lock date.

The Manila Major was one of the best displays of tournament productions for Dota 2 to this day, and PGL (the company in charge of organizing this major) satisfied the fans that ended up disappointed after the disastrous event that was (production-wise) the Shanghai Major. PGL provided the spectators with player-reaction cameras, fight recaps and overall new ways to enjoy the matches such as multiple lane cameras and rune cameras.

With this result, the eyes of the Dota 2 community start pointing to The International, the main Dota 2 Tournament that will be held in Seattle this August. The Prize pool is still growing (already passing $11 million)  and the TI6 Open qualifiers will begin June 21st.


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