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CS:GO Major: MLG Columbus Souvenir Packages

Image from: Counter-Strike.net
Image from: Counter-Strike.net

Souvenir packages are where Valve proves how generous it can be when it comes to their hardcore CS:GO fan base. Especially when you’re one of the thousands of fans tuning in either through Twitch, MLG.tv, GOTV with a linked Steam account. These fans are very much aware that Valve drops souvenir cases for those tuning in and the kind of treat they’re in for.

As the Counter Strike blog states, “While you’re watching MLG Columbus 2016 next week, you’ll have a chance to receive a souvenir package commemorating the event. Each souvenir features a weapon from the collection of the map being played, golden stickers of the teams who were playing, and a golden signature of the MVP from the round where the souvenir dropped.

Each case or “collection” belongs to one of the several maps and they are:

  • The Cache Collection
  • The Cobblestone Collection
  • The Dust 2 Collection
  • The Inferno Collection
  • The Mirage Collection
  • The Overpass Collection
  • The Train Collection


If you’re one of the lucky winners of a souvenir, you have two options. You can either sell the case or unbox the weapon that’s inside. Mind you The Cobblestone Collection kind of jumps out from the list, but I wouldn’t rush to get one just yet. Since no one knows what weapon will be unboxed when you open a collection, you can easily run the risk of scoring a Dragon Lore that you can later sell for four figures or you can end up with a Nova Green Apple that is not even worth $1.90. It’s all or nothing, and do you really want to roll your dice like that?

Besides, you can sell the case and automatically make around $30.00 on OPSkins. Let the number throwing begin:

The Cache Collection

This case will go for as low as $5.08 on OPSkins but when opened you can expect to get, if you’re very lucky, a Galil AR Cerberus in Factory New conditions that will sell for about $258.99 on OPSkins, or you can expect to get any of the following:

  • FAMAS Styx: This one goes from $0.60 if its Battle-Scarred or $42.96 if it’s a Factory New rifle
  • Tec-9 Toxic: It starts at $6.01 as a Battle-Scarred unboxing all the way to $43.79 if it’s Factory New
  • Gloc-18 Reactor: $7.01 Battle-Scarred or $65.55 Factory New
  • XM1014 Bone Machine: From $2.24 in its Battle-Scarred incarnation or $12.02 Factory New
  • MAC-10 Nuclear Garden: $1.22 Battle-Scarred and $10.55 Factory New
  • MP9 Setting Sun: $1.03 Battle-Scarred and $37.90 Factory New
  • AUG Radiation Hazard: $0.92 Battle-Scarred and $3.93 Factory New
  • PP-Bizon Chemical Green: $0.50 Battle-Scarred and $4.94 Factory New
  • Negev Nuclear Waste: $0.84 Battle-Scarred and $0.92 Factory New
  • P250 Contamination: $0.64 Battle-Scarred and $5.75 Factory New
  • Five-SeveN Hot Shot: $0.80 Battle-Scarred and $15.06 Factory New
  • SG 553 Fallout Warning: $0.69 Battle-Scarred and $4.83 Factory New

But what does it all mean?

For starters, if you keep the case and decide to sell it, you could easily make more than what you could earn if you decided to open it, since you are more likely to get any of the nine weapons that go for less than $6.00. Then again, the case has dropped from $9.00 to about $6.00, but only because now there’s more of them, and that will only last until Sunday.

Now, if you are feeling lucky, you can still lose money if you get one of the three weapons that can sell for over $6.00 since the Factory New versions are the only ones that really bring home the money. Well at least for two of them, one barely goes over $6.00.

Now, we could drag on with the specifics and analyze each one of the cases in annoying detail, but that’s what charts are made for, so here’s a chart:


As we can see, the Cobblestone Collection is the most expensive case but it is also the one with the highest amount of items that will sell at a lower price than the case itself. It doesn’t matter if they’re Factory New or Battle-Scarred, with this case the risks are high. Then again, the rewards can be higher, land yourself a Dragon Lore, and you can start asking for people’s car keys.

The safest and probably most profitable cases would be The Overpass Collection and the Dust 2 Collection, with The Overpass Collection bringing in the more expensive skins. The items that can be unboxed fetch good sums of money and the probability of getting one of them is higher.

The Mirage collection is a low entry case. You risk very little, but earn less.

As for the other cases – The Train Collection only offers a small chance of actually scoring something that is worth your time, The Inferno Collection is a low entry coin flip, and The Cache collection could unbox a decent skin, but the odds are stacked against you even more than with other cases.

All in all, it really comes down to the price of the case and how lucky you might be feeling or how little care if you were to get a low cost skin.

The prices used on the to gauge the Items Over The Case Price are based on Factory New skins.


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