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CS:GO Knives: Marble Fade Skins

M9 Bayonet Marble Fade (Factory New) Tricolor

Marble Fade skins come in a tricolor (red, blue and yellow), yellow and blue pattern and in Fire and Ice (blue and red), with the tricolor being the most common, the yellow and blue being less common, and the ice and fire being the rarest of the three. This is a good example of how complicated the pricing system for skins can be: depending on the percentage of each color on the blade, the price will vary (like Dopplers) – but in this case, no blade has a single uniform color, and subjectivity regarding the percentage of each color can be a defining factor. On top of that, Karambits have a different fading pattern due to the fact that their blades are curved.

So yes, the community has gone to great lengths in order to make the pricing as complicated as possible.

Karambit Marble Fade (Factory New)

Fortunately, their wear is limited to Factory New and Minimal wear and there are some parameters that can be used to assess the skins, like the pattern number, exterior quality (the aforementioned Factory New or Minimal Wear), and when it’s visible to the naked eye you can estimate the percentage of each color on the blade. And just like you would with jewelry, these skins can also be appraised.

Flip Knife Marble Fade (Factory New)

Just like Doppler skins, knives with Marble Fade skins include the Flip Knife, Gut Knife, Karambit, M9 Bayonet and the Bayonet and they are obtained from the Chroma and Chroma 2 cases. Unlike the Dopplers, the number of units sold in our marketplace is lower; then again, there are fewer color combinations to go around. Some of them also come with StatTrak, which obviously increases the price of the piece, but most of them remain cheaper than their Doppler counterparts.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re still quite expensive and a rare find. If you were to get your hands on a Fire and Ice Bayonet, M9 Bayonet or a Karambit, you’d be sitting on quite a pile of money. Visit OPSkins.com to buy, list, or browse.



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