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PUBG: Leaked Weapon Skins!

As announced in the 2018 Road Map for PUBG, it looks like weapon skins are on the way. Thanks to data mining performed by Skin Tracker, brand new weapon skins, and new cosmetic items have been found in the game’s files.

While Cosmetic Items have been in the game since Early Access, these new skins will be the first actual weapon skins in the game, which is something that many First-Person Perspective players have been asking for since the new game-mode released.

Given the popularity of the weapons skins market for games like CS:GO, this is an unsurprising and welcome addition.

Weapon skins also open many different options to the OPSkins Community when it comes to buying, selling, and collecting PUBG skins. So be sure to check out all the new items that were found within the files over Skin Tracker and let us know which of the new skins is a must have for you by dropping a comment below!


H1Z1 Is Now Free To Play And More!

Daybreak Studios announced today that H1Z1 is going Free to Play. Starting today anyone can download and play H1Z1 and Auto Royale for free. For players who have previously purchased the game and helped test throughout Early Access they will be rewarded with the “H1Z1 Appreciation Pack”, which consist of various skins, crates, and in-game currency.

The studio also announced 3 sets of DLC for the game to celebrate the transition to Free to Play. The DLC’s Bronze Battle Royale Pack, Silver Battle Royale Pack, and the Gold Limited Edition battle pack include everything ranging from crates to custom skins for your cars.

On top of the announcements for the game going Free to Play and the launch of new cosmetic DLC packs the H1Z1 Pro League confirmed the 15 teams that will be fighting it out in the first season of the league. Anthony Castoro, H1Z1 General Manager was quoted on the announcement of the league.

“We are very excited to announce that H1Z1 will be free to play starting today. Not only does this decision allow us to share our version of Battle Royale and Auto Royale with even more players, but it signifies the next step in making H1Z1 a must-watch esport. The Pro League is going to redefine esports when it kicks off in Las Vegas this April, and whether a person is an aspiring pro athlete or just wants to play with friends, we want everyone to have the chance to play the most competitive battle royale game.”

You can find the full update here and if you have been waiting for the chance to pick up H1Z1 the time has never been better. Let us know what you think about the game, the change to Free To Play, and the new DLC sets by leaving a comment below.


OPSkins Welcomes Depth!

Today we are pleased to announce that Depth is being added to the OPSkins Marketplace. You can check out the items from the game here and you can list items that you have from the game that you want to put up for sale here.

Depth is a multiplayer game which blends heart-pounding tension and visceral action in a dark, aquatic world. The periods of tension separate combat – which is visceral, chaotic, bloody, and fast-paced. Divers must explore the depths of the ocean for valuable treasure while fending off attacks from ravenous sharks. Shark players stalk and bide their time for opportune windows of attack, lunging in and ripping apart unwary divers.

The game features many cosmetic skins for everything in the game from weapon skins to shark skins, giving players many different options to choose from when it comes to customizing their character’s appearance in Depth.

So be sure to check out Depth and let us know what your favorite skin is and any other games you would like to see listed on OPSkins by dropping a comment below


CS:GO Glock Moonrise Ultra Rare Star Pattern!

The New Glock Moonrise that was released in the CS:GO Clutch Case has quickly been making waves in the community since the launch of the new crate. The Glock Moonrise features stars in randomly generated patterns which is the first skin to do so since the XM1014 | Seasons Blue Leaf, and just like that skin, many players have been trying to snag their own Glock Moonrise.

To help break down the new ultra-rare star patterns on the Glock Moonrise McSkillet has released a new video that goes over why the skin is so rare, and how the Ultra Rare Star pattern works.

So be sure to check out the video and let us know if you managed to snag a new ultra-rare Glock Moonrise in the comments below!


2 New PUBG Crates!

If you’re a collector of skins, then this week has been amazing. First, we had the release of the latest crate for CSGO and now PUBG has announced the addition of 2 new crates to the game.

Up first, is the FEVER crate which is inspired by the fashion of the 70’s and 80’s. The FEVER Crate can be purchased with Battle Points and can be unlocked with Early Bird keys.

Next, is the MILITA Crate which consists the Erangel Resistance Force Outfit and the Miramar Frontiersman Outfit. The Militia Crate will be randomly dropped among the four existing crates and does not require a key to open. And just like the Gamescom Invitational Crate, you can snag a whole set along with a single item when opening the FEVER Crate.

Players will be given Keys and Battle Points on the test server to check out the new skins before they launch on February 22nd.

So be sure to pick up these new crates on the 22nd and let us know which crate you are excited about by dropping a comment below!


CS:GO New Clutch Case!

Today Valve Released an update that includes some fixes to Nuke. However, more importantly to the OPSKins community, they have released the new Clutch Case!

The Clutch Case features 17 community created Skin Designs and 24 new sets of gloves!

Along with the Clutch Case, Valve is also introducing the Community Capsule 2018. The Community Capsule 2018 will feature 8 new community designed stickers with capsules now available as in-game offers.

The release of a new case is always an exciting time for the trader community, so let us know what you think about this new collection by dropping a comment below!


Watch Comedy Central show the $61k Souvenir Dragon Lore that sold on

Last week, a Souvenir Dragon Lore sold on for $61,052.63 (item listing here). This week, Comedy Central’s Adult Swim News segment featured the item and, uh, how to explain the sale to your Grandpa. Watch it here:

Why was this item sold for around the price of a 2018 BMW M3?

The Dragon Lore is already one of highest priced items in the CS:GO skins market. This particular skin was in “factory new” condition, and also featured the autograph of Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham of Cloud9 who took home MVP of the ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018. Throw in the fact that this skin is only available through “Souvenir” crates that are dropped to fans spectating the majors. Rarity + prestige + collectibility = $61k digital gun which has gone down in skins trading history as the Most Expensive Dragon Lore Ever Sold.

As soon as the item sold on OPSkins Marketplace, news of the item began to spread like wildfire and was featured on Dot Esports, PC Gamer, Polygon and eventually Comedy Central’s Adult Swim News.



OPSkins Welcomes Battalion 1944

Battalion 1944 items are now tradable on OPSkins! Browse weapons from the game here or list your items for sale here. And as a reminder, if you list your items for sale in exchange for WAX, you get a 20% discount on the sales commission.

After releasing as an Early Access game on Steam just days ago, Battalion 1944 has quickly gained notoriety among skin collectors and old-school FPS fans alike. According to SteamSpy, in less than a week it already has approximately 126k owners, 115k players and has reached 16k daily concurrent players. The game’s visceral and barebones experience is what truly sets it apart from modern day FPS’s, and its skill gap perfect for fierce competitors. Not only that, but they even launched with an extensive collection of beautiful weapon skins ready to be shown off. Needless to say, we’ve been flooded with requests to add the game to our lineup and are happy to announce that we officially have.

To help with your buying and selling, here is Battalion 1944’s Skin Condition and Rarity breakdown:


  • Flawless (the absolute best)
  • Battle Hardened
  • War Torn


  • Unique
  • Legendary
  • Ultra Rare
  • Rare
  • Uncommon
  • Common

What other games would you like to see listed on OPSkins? Tweet us your request to @opskinsgo!


45 New Skins found in PUBG Game Files!

The first test of the PUBG 1.0 build has come and gone, overall the patch has been a hit with the community. While we wait for the next official test the community has taken to digging deep into the files of the game to see if they could find any hints; surprisingly they stumbled across 45 new skins!


The 45 new skins were spotted by the team over at Skin Tracker, and while we have no official news on these latest skins and when or if they might become available, Skin Tracker has also found the Xbox One exclusive skins. These skins are coming with the Xbox One port of the game launching December 12 to early access.

The skins include a ton of new shirts, trench coats, and even hats that fit the theme of items currently in the game. The patch also has new parachute skins that could potentially become available as the game moves closer to launch.


Be sure to check out all 45 new skins over at Skin Trackers and let us know what skins you would pick up if this collection is included in the game!



With the limited amount of skins available in PUBG, any new item that’s added to the game quickly becomes sought-after by the top players and traders. Most recently, this has been the case with the shirt called the DMM T-Shirt.

The PUBG DMM T-Shirt was originally released as a promotion for a PUBG event held in Japan by DMM, a Japanese entertainment site. Following the event, PUBG DMM began giving away codes for the shirt to anyone who purchased PUBG through the DMM store. The limited method of obtaining the shirt, combined with its inability to be traded, made this shirt one of the most sought-after PUBG items during the last week.

Once this was learned by the community, sites such as Skin Tracker quickly began posting guides for users on how to pick up the shirt through the DMM Store. This led to many players flocking to buy the game so they could get access to this extremely rare shirt. However, as the news broke and more players flocked to DMM to pick up the shirt, DMM quickly suspended automatic distribution of the code to players who purchase the game. This shut down access to the shirt and increased the rarity of the item.

While the item is not currently tradable in the game, many are speculating that the item might become tradable after a short period of time like the Twitch Prime set did after its original release into the game. If the item does become tradable, due to the limited means of currently acquiring the shirt, the prices are sure to quickly rise on the market.

As of now, the only way to secure the PUBG DMM T-Shirt is through traders willing to sell the codes they managed to stock up on during the promotion, and no one knows if it will ever become more accessible.  These factors have led the DMM T-Shirt for PUBG to be now one of the most highly coveted items in the game.

As always, the team at OPSkins is closely monitoring this new PUBG DMM T-Shirt and will let the community know if the shirt becomes tradable. Until then what are your thoughts on the newest item added to PUBG? Do you love it, do you hate it, have you picked one up? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!