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PUBG Teases New Map

Today PUBG has released a new video to celebrate the one year anniversary of the game’s release onto Steam. To celebrate the anniversary of the launch, the PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS team has also released a sneak peak of the new PUBG map coming to the game.

About the new PUBG Map

The new PUBG map, currently referred to as the 4×4 map, is much smaller than the existing maps found in the game, and so should promote faster gameplay and a more intense Battle Royale experience. The map is described as having a Southeast Asian feel and the studio stated that this new smaller 4×4 map, as well as another more traditional sized map, will be coming to the game over the course of 2018.

So be sure to check out the video and let us know what you think of the new map by leaving a comment below!


PUBG March Update

PUBG Corporation has released the March Update today targeting game optimization, a new friend system, achievements, the new emote system, and more! With this latest patch the studio is bringing various optimizations to the server and client. The team claims that the latest patch mitigates lag and stutter instances and alleviates frame drop and lag that occur when players are pushed together starting from the second half of the match, or in dynamic situations like intense gunfights.

The test for the new limb and vehicle penetration which was originally set to go to the test server this month has been delayed. Moving forward, the team will be testing the new API system this month which will allow for the creation of apps such as more in-depth stat tracking for the game.

For the full patch notes be sure to check here. If you are interested in testing the new PUBG API system be sure to sign up here. Also, be sure to leave a comment below to let us know what you think of the latest PUBG update and what you would like to see added to the game in the future.


PUBG: Leaked Weapon Skins!

As announced in the 2018 Road Map for PUBG, it looks like weapon skins are on the way. Thanks to data mining performed by Skin Tracker, brand new weapon skins, and new cosmetic items have been found in the game’s files.

While Cosmetic Items have been in the game since Early Access, these new skins will be the first actual weapon skins in the game, which is something that many First-Person Perspective players have been asking for since the new game-mode released.

Given the popularity of the weapons skins market for games like CS:GO, this is an unsurprising and welcome addition.

Weapon skins also open many different options to the OPSkins Community when it comes to buying, selling, and collecting PUBG skins. So be sure to check out all the new items that were found within the files over Skin Tracker and let us know which of the new skins is a must have for you by dropping a comment below!


New Features Coming to PUBG

Another week and another exciting update coming to PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS! This week it was announced that some new features will be making their way to the test servers in the next PUBG update. While Patch Notes will be released later in the week detailing the exact changes, thanks to a post on the PUBG forums we know that we can expect to see a new in-game friend system, voice chat in the main menu screen, as well as changes to the vehicle and limb penetration systems.

With some of these features, like the new bullet penetration system, being such a big change, the developer has asked the community to take part in the test servers once they go live and give their feedback on the new systems over the course of the test.


It’s always an exciting time when the developer drops new features so be sure to check back later in the week for a full breakdown of the patch notes. Let us know what you think about these new features and if you will be taking part in this week’s test by leaving a comment below!


Avangar Wins PUBG IEM Katowice!

Another PUBG event has come and gone. After eight games and two days of competition when the dust finally settled, Avangar was crowned the winner of the PUBG IEM Katowice Invitational.

Over the course of the weekend, Avanger battled it out with the top teams in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. They went head to head with OpTic Gaming over the course of the weekend, as the two teams fought to take home the first place prize. Going into the second day of the event, OpTic Gaming was in the lead. However, after an amazing 16-kill game, Avanger was able to secure first place.

Unfortunately, after being the first team eliminated in the last match Avangar – which consists of Aleksey “0nuqtive” Trufanov, Adlet “keeN” Nurseitov, Komissarov “Drainys” Sviatoslav, and Zhandos “MuMiNo” Omarov – had to watch as OpTic Gaming and FaZe Clan battled it out in the final match. Avanger was all the while hoping that OpTic Gaming would not secure enough points to take the lead.

After the scores from the last match where tallied up, Avangar managed to keep their spot in first place and take home the main share of the $50,000 prize pool.

Overall, the PUBG IEM Katowice Invitational proved that even though the game is experiencing growing pains, such as the developers having to battle cheaters, the game still has a strong future as an eSports title.

Which team where you pulling for this weekend? And what did you think of the matches? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


2 New PUBG Crates!

If you’re a collector of skins, then this week has been amazing. First, we had the release of the latest crate for CSGO and now PUBG has announced the addition of 2 new crates to the game.

Up first, is the FEVER crate which is inspired by the fashion of the 70’s and 80’s. The FEVER Crate can be purchased with Battle Points and can be unlocked with Early Bird keys.

Next, is the MILITA Crate which consists the Erangel Resistance Force Outfit and the Miramar Frontiersman Outfit. The Militia Crate will be randomly dropped among the four existing crates and does not require a key to open. And just like the Gamescom Invitational Crate, you can snag a whole set along with a single item when opening the FEVER Crate.

Players will be given Keys and Battle Points on the test server to check out the new skins before they launch on February 22nd.

So be sure to pick up these new crates on the 22nd and let us know which crate you are excited about by dropping a comment below!


PUBG Update Number 6

Today the developers at PUBG Corp have released an update addressing players concerns as well as a new patch to the test servers.

Since the launch of the game players have faced two major issues, the first being desync and the second being cheaters who have been flooding into the game. Desync has been an issue in the game since the launch of early access. While PUBG Corp has made some progress on this issue, today they have announced that players with lower pings will be prioritized during matchmaking. The studio also stated that they are working on implementing new ways to stop cheating; however, due to various reasons the patch for cheating has been delayed.

The focus of the patch this week is on game optimization and fixing significant bugs. The studio also announced that they will be releasing a roadmap in March. The roadmap will outline new content coming to the game, as well as improvements and modifications to create more realistic game play.

Check out the full breakdown of the patch notes here and let us know what you think about the latest update and what changes you would like to see to PUBG in the comments below.


Highest Selling Items From New PUBG Crates

With the launch of the new update earlier this week PUBG received its first set of new crates since the game left early access and moved into release.  Since dropping onto live servers they have quickly become some of the most wanted items on the marketplace.

While these items are still new to the market two of the items from the DESPERADO CRATE are currently selling for over $1,000 each, the CLOTH MASK (LEOPARD) and the LEATHER HOODIE (WHITE).

Image by raconbang

Due to the limited availability of these items they are currently the highest selling skins in the game, however, as more people unlock them it will be interesting to see what it does to the price on the market.

Along with the DESPERADO CRATE, the BIKER CRATE was also released.  The top-ranking skins within this crate are currently the Sleeveless Biker Jacket (Black) and the CLOTH MASK (CHECKERED).

Overall the crates have been a nice addition to the game and have been well received by the community. Out of all the new skins which one is your favorite and what items would you like to see added in the future?


PUBG Releases Desert Map Screenshots, Weapon, and Vehicle

With the continued excitement for PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS’ new desert map (now revealed to be “Miramar”), the creators of the wildly popular battle royale game have made several more announcements in the last couple of days about the map. After debuting several weapons, and the data mining community uncovering a plethora of skins that we should be expecting in PUBG down the road, the future is looking bright and full of surprises.

First and foremost, the long sought-after details of Miramar itself have been released. With a fresh terrain for epic battles to take place in, BlueHole has shared with us the official bird’s-eye view of Miramar as well as its points of interest. From their announcement:

Los Leones

  • The largest city in the region, Los Leones features ample shopping, a skyline filled with new construction, and a glorious, golden-hued City Center. Players should secure high vantage points by exploring the numerous construction sites, and loot for gear in the cavernous, abandoned commercial buildings.

El Pozo

  • El Pozo is a city known for its large industrial and entertainment districts. Players can test themselves against all comers in the Luchador Arena, put their motorcycle skills to the test In the death bowl, or hunt in the ruins of the long dead textile factories.

Monte Nuevo

  • Monte Nuevo is the picture of a town besieged. Ramshackle walls built to protect its residents now allow players ample cover to explore the well-stocked compound.

Valle del Mar

  • Valle del Mar is a colorful oceanside town bisected by the De Toro bridge. To the West of the bridge is a quaint school, and to the East, a beautiful church. The key to holding this town is bridge control, as it’s the only direct route between mainland and the island.

La Cobreria

  • The shipping and transport capitol of Miramar, La Cobrería’s most prominent feature is it’s enormous Rail Yard. Here, players will hunt and be hunted among the half-buried cargo of a long dead industry. Careful players should loot the schools and campuses that dot this town before attempting to hold the Yard.

San Martin

  • San Martín is located just west of Hacienda Del Patrón. Checkpoints and barriers have transformed this once-quiet small town into a war zone. Both sides of the town have overlooks, so careful players should scout first, before charging into town.


  • Once a tourist destination featuring the largest casino in the region, Pecado continues to thrill players to this day with its mix of high-value loot and dangerous sightlines. Aggressive players will immediately loot the Arena and Casino, but savvy players should check out the 4 story hotels between them.


  • Chumacera is the husk of Miramar’s once thriving textile industry. Long abandoned factories overlook a main road lined with residential and commercial buildings. Verticality in both the buildings and terrain make this town an exciting location to loot- high risk, high opportunity!

Additionally, it was revealed that another desert map exclusive gun would be joining the roster, this time in the form of a lever-action shotgun known as the Win94. This weapon will be a world spawn and not exclusive to crates.

A pickup truck will also be joining the fight as a Miramar exclusive. There is a good chance you will be able to fit a fully stacked team by seating two in the front and two in the back as gunners.

It’s safe to say that we’ve got a lot to look forward to when Miramar is finally released. Until then, we anxiously count down the days until this content drop lands in PUBG for all of us to enjoy.


PUBG Test Server Update #3

This week PUBG continues its march to launch with the release of its second update to test the 1.0 build of the game. While this patch doesn’t feature anything that seems to change the game as dramatically as the release of vaulting, it seems as if its intended to build and refine upon the first test server update.

This weeks test will run on the following dates:

  • PST: November 21st 11:00PM – November 23rd 11:00PM
  • CET: November 22nd 08:00AM – November 24th 08:00AM
  • KST: November 22nd 04:00PM – November 24th 04:00PM

First on the list of changes coming with this week’s update is the one everyone always craves the most, Optimization. It will feature updates to character rendering, character animations, various effects, and adjustments to memory usage.

Next is some interesting gameplay changes, such as changes to damage, changes to scopes, new water, and finally bullet penetration through the water.

The UI will finally be getting an update with this patch as well, which is something that players have requested for a while. From the In-game Hud, to the inclusion of a new minimap the whole UI of the game has been touched-up or redesigned.

Finally, and what most people will enjoy the most is the addition of 2 new guns for the game! The first being the DP-28 and the AUG A3 Bullpup which is only obtainable via supply drops.

For a full list of the changes coming with this update be sure to head over to PUBG’s Official Steam Page for a full break down of the patch notes. Also, check out our article about the 45 potential new skins that have been found in the game and let us know which one is your favorite!