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League of Legends: Official NA LCS Spring Playoffs Brackets

Image from: lolesports
Image from: lolesports

On Sunday the 2016 NA LCS Spring Split came to an end, and after 18 rounds of games we finally have the official seeds heading into the NA LCS Spring Playoffs.

Team Immortals closed their run with a 17-1 record, claiming the first seed into the playoffs. The team ended their run by defeating Team Impulse, granting them a direct seed into the semifinals. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as the team has been dominating the NA LCS for several weeks, only dropping one game to the second place team Counter Logic Gaming who ended with a 13-5 record.

Team Renegades won their last four games ending with a 6-13 record. Unfortunately for them this was not enough to secure Seventh Place, and with it, a spot for the Summer Split, leaving them battling for a spot in the LCS relegation tournament. Team Renegades had important roster changes by the end of the season, leading to better results. Unfortunately for them the changes didn’t come soon enough.

In Seventh Place we have Team Echo Fox, securing themselves a spot in the Summer Split with a 6-12 record.

The first round for the NA LCS playoff is going to be really exciting. Cloud9 finished the split in third place with a 12-6 record, placing them on the bracket against the team that won the 2015 NA LCS Spring Playoffs (and took their spot for the World Championship in 2015), Team Solo Mid. TSM ended in fifth place with a 9-9 record and will be facing Cloud9 in the first round of the playoffs.

Team Liquid ended the split in fourth place with a 9-9 record, followed by NRG Esports in fifth place (tied with team TSM) with a 10-8 record.

The NA LCS Spring Playoffs will be held at the Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas, and will run from April 2 to April 17. Bellow you can see the Brackets for the NA LCS Spring Playoffs (and if you are not familiar with the LCS format you can read about it in our previous post).

NA LCS Spring Playoffs
NA LCS Spring Playoffs

League of Legends: G2 Esports Takes the First Spot at the EU LCS Spring Split

Image from: lolesports
Image from: lolesports

The final day for the European League of Legends Championship Series Spring Split was played yesterday (March 18th), and we finally have the official standings for the EU LCS regular season.

G2 Esports placed first after their excellent performance, ending with a 15-3 record after their victory over Unicorns of Love, and the team will be seeded directly into the semifinals for the playoffs.

H2K placed second during the EU LCS Spring Split with a 14-4 record and will receive the second seed to the semifinals. The other slots for the quarter finals will be going to the following teams:

  • Third place Team Vitality (13-5)
  • Fourth place Origen (11-7)
  • Fifth place Unicorns of Love (10-8)
  • Sixth place Fnatic (9-9)

The teams that ended Seventh (Elements with a 6-12 record) will be able to compete at the Summer Split, and the three bottom placed teams will fight it off at the Promotion Tournament against the two Spring Challenger Series Teams for the final spots in the LCS.

The EU LCS Spring Playoffs will run from April 2nd to April 17th with the finals being played offline at the Ahoy Rotterdam Arena in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Below you can see the Brackets for the EU LCS Spring Playoffs, and if you are not familiar with the LCS format, it’s explained beneath the bracket so you can get just as excited as we are over the Spring Playoffs as we are.

EU LCS Spring Playoffs
EU LCS Spring Playoffs Brackets

The playoffs format is quite simple. The top six teams from the regular season head into a three round bracket. Those who finished 3rd through 6th compete in the Quarterfinal round, and those who finished 1st and 2nd get seeded straight into the Semifinals.

The winner of the Finals gets a direct invite to Worlds, while the other teams will gain Championship Points based on their performance. Whoever finishes with the most points by the end of the Summer Split Playoffs will qualify for Worlds as the second seed for their respective region.



League of Legends: North America Championship Series Standings Analysis


With only one week left in the 2016 Spring Split, the League of Legends season is coming to an exciting end.

The newly formed team Immortals has been dominating all split, only losing one game to CLG. Tied for second place, CLG and Cloud 9 have almost completely secured their playoff spots.

In fourth place, TSM is still hanging on by a thread and has an unlikely chance to snag a secured playoff spot. If they win the next two games against Immortals and NRG, and CLG or C9 lose their remaining games, then maybe it is possible. To everyone’s surprise, TSM is not performing strongly as they normally do. Usually TSM is the power house of NA, but the spilt is not over yet and anything can still happen.

Week 8 Day 1 was a very exciting day, with the last game of the day breaking League of Legends Championship Series records. Froggen, a former EU pro player now playing for team Echo Fox, was able to break a world record of highest CS (creep score) in a pro game with 764. Although the CS number shown on the LCS spectate game was not accurate, Gangplank CS was counting his explosive barrels. It was a truly impressive game, with Echo Fox making an incredible comeback with a last ditch effort for the back door, and won.

Week 8 Day 2 had its crazy comeback games also, along with one upset. TSM lost to the last place team Renegades indefinitely, and TSM cannot afford to lose any more games if they want a secured spot in the playoff semi-finals. The current first place team Immortals had an amazing comeback game against team DIG, showing everyone that team plays and objectives is what wins games, and not the score.

If you don’t know how the Playoff tournament brackets work, you can find a detailed description about it here. Basically the top six teams will battle each other for a spot to represent North America at the world championship. When a team has a secured spot in playoffs, as mentioned above, they are automatically in the semifinal bracket. Then the winner of the finals is the number one seat for North America going to worlds. The second seat representing North America is determined a little differently: the team with the most points, which is determined based on where they finished in the Spring Split and Summer Playoffs, will be joining the first place team to worlds.

Will your favorite team make it to worlds? Stay tuned this Saturday and Sunday to find out the results for the Spring 2016 LCS!


Aurelion Sol, the New League of Legends Champion

Image from: League of Legends
Image from: League of Legends

Riot has been teasing its fans with a new Champion for weeks now, releasing a teaser and leaking information, and now that the reveal page is finally up we can take a look at his abilities, key art and some insight about strategies and laning. You can take a look at Aurelion Sol, the “Star Forger,” at the official Champion reveal page.

Aurelion Sol will be the 130th Champion released, previously this year Riot released Jhin “The Virtuoso,” making Aurelion Sol the 2nd Champion released this year.

The Champion’s abilities revolve around the idea of great combos, a mid-ranged mage that will be able to take a big stand on team fights and will have a great ganking potential thanks to his E ability “Comet of Legend” which lets him fly across the map in a straight line, allowing him to locate himself to other lanes and places faster than the average Champion.

Aurelion Sol can stun his enemies with his Q ability “Starsurge” which consists on a linear “newborn star” which does damage and causes nearby enemies to get stunned as it travels. This ability along with his E “Comet of legend” lets him surprise his enemies and move between the fights more efficiently.

Aurelion Sol will bring some interesting gameplay thanks to his passive ability called “Center of the Universe.” The ability makes it so the Champion will have three orbiting stars around him at all times, the stars will cause damage upon collision with an enemy hero,  serving as a great zoning ability when laning and fighting. This ability works great with his W “Celestial expansion” as it lets him expand the stars surrounding him, serving as a great zoning out ability and a good defense mechanism.

Last but not least we have his R “Voice of Light.” When activated, it shoots a long wave of fire in a target direction, causing damage and slowing all struck enemies. Those who are within the ring of stars will be knocked back, serving as a great defense mechanism for those enemy Champions who might get a little too close for comfort.

As with all new champion releases, Aurelion Sol will come out with an alternative skin, in this case called “Ashen Lord.” It will cost 1350RP and includes abilities, visuals and the skin itself.

For the moment, Riot hasn’t announced any official released date, but on the official champion reveal it confirms we are just “mere weeks” away from his Rift debut.


League of Legends: Drawing for Riot Points Celebration

Years ago, when Riot Games had a really small Player Support team, sometimes they were unable to resolve some of their support tickets. When that happened, the players would then quickly draw a cheesy/cute picture about League of Legends and hoped it would change their minds. Most of the time it did not work, instead they would give the players a small one-time gift of RP for their “art.”

This led to the players making support tickets and attaching their poorly drawn pictures in hopes of getting RP. If you ever played LoL and purchased skins, after a while you might be a couple points off from buying a new skin. The lowest amount you can purchase is only $5 worth of 650RP, so getting RP for these drawings enabled players to get smaller amounts, making up the difference they needed in order to get their skin without having to purchase more than they needed.

Riot Games told the first players who started this to not tell anyone, but word gets around very easily nowadays and they practically honored everyone’s RP Art. Now they have opened stash of saved RP Art and have displayed them for all to see.

Anyone can create and submit their own RP Art here, or just enjoy Riot Games gallery of personal favorites. Unfortunately Riot is not giving away free RP this time, but they are saving all of the pictures submitted and maybe one day your picture might be Riot Games new favorite. Read about the history of RP Art on the Riot Games website.

rito art
randomly generated RP art

League of Legends: Riot Games Shutting Down Dominion Mode

The Crystal Scar
The Crystal Scar

Released on September 26th of 2011, Dominion introduced a fast-paced alternative to the classic game modes on Summoner’s Rift and Twisted Treeline. Featuring five capture points on a circular map, it introduced a much different play style when compared to the original 5v5 game mode. It accelerated the game’s pace by spawning the players at level three with additional gold to to skip the laning phase and encourage team fights to happen sooner.

Riot Games announced that they are retiring Dominion Mode and cited several issues such as a lack of dedicated resources, poor matchmaking quality, and continued balancing problems. However, the most shocking statistic was how few League of Legends players actively play the game mode – less than 0.5%.

We want to support game modes delivering consistently engaging and competitive experiences. Fewer than 0.5% of players actively play Dominion and we’re aware some number of even that small population is still bots. We haven’t been supporting Dominion, and we’ve trapped ourselves in a vicious cycle where the queue isn’t large enough to warrant major attention, but falls prey to bugs and periods of imbalance from the introduction of new champs and items (which then drives down the size of the queue, and so on). – Riot Games

The announcement came with a great deal of regret. Riot admitted the game mode could have been salvaged had it been given proper attention, but those resources had been directed to improving Summoner’s Rift instead.

There is a small consolation prize to the most devoted Dominion players. Anyone who has accumulated more than 100 wins in the game mode before February 10th, 2016 will receive an exclusive summoner icon.

It’s not too late to play Dominion before it is removed! The game mode will be retired on Monday, February 22nd. At that time, the Crystal Scar map will also be removed from custom game creation.

All hope is not lost if you enjoy playing Dominion or on the Crystal Scar. The map may possibly return for periods of time in the form of featured game modes such as Ascension.


League of Legends: New Season and Patch 6.1

I like Counter Strike: Global Offensive as much as the next guy, but if you like eSports and competitive video games, then you must have heard of or play League of Legends. For the noobs: it’s a team-oriented, strategic, competitive, and fast paced MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). League of Legends holds a special place in my heart, because it was the first game is get me into eSports scene, streaming and competitive gameplay. Similar games would be Dota2, HoN, and Heroes of the Storm. If I had to choose which MOBA is the best out of them all, I would definitely pick League of Legends. I’m sure my colleague Damian would say otherwise, and choose Dota2 as the best and for good reason. I’ll leave the coverage of Dota2 to him just stick to League of Legends.

League of Legends
League of Legends

The new and exciting season and patch 6.1 is now live for League of Legends. Coming with this new season and patch are big changes to the competitive scene and ranked queues.

The all new Champion select is now live and will affect normal draft pick queues and ranked queues. This new champion select has you pick your primary and secondary roles before your start the queue. This means you can pick your favorite lane and a backup lane so you don’t have to fight over who goes where. After the game decides what position you are, the pick and ban phase then starts and is all new. Everyone chooses their champion before the ban phase happens, and then the three bottom players pick the team bans. This new method of distributing the bans will give everyone on the team the chance to participate, while the top two players have priority champion picks. After the bans, the players then have to lock in their champion picks and can still change champions if needed.

The new champion select still has not seen its day view in the pro scene. They are still using the traditional style of pick and bans, but this new style of champion select is more for building a great team with people you don’t know.

There are still big Meta game changes to the game with patch 6.1. Brand new runes and masteries have been introduced and as always new champions to change team compositions. A lot of the team’s champion selection more so revolves around these new masteries and which champ can utilize them the most. If you’re still playing LoL, then you know I’m talking about the Thunder Lords mastery.

Also another big game changer is the increased death timers. This makes the game more unforgiving and games are much shorter.

Also a lot of changes to items are affecting how a lot of champions are played. For starters, you cannot buy any more green wards from the shop. Only pink wards are purchasable and green wards only useable from items. Hopefully this will motivate people to play more like a team and therefore play more carefully.

Give the game a try if you have never played it! If you are like me and used to play it a lot and got sick of the community, this is a breath of fresh air and can really cut back on a lot of the toxic players in champion select.