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Useful Tools to Easily Find the Best Priced Items on OPSkins

OPSkins is always working to make your buying and selling experience faster and easier on our marketplace. During the last few months we’ve launched a few goodies that you probably want to know about if you want to make the best trades. These tools are all intended to help you find the item you’re looking for quickly, at the best price, and with minimal effort. Here’s a summary of each:

OPSkins Weapon Builder

Use the OPSkins Weapon Builder when you want to preview any CS:GO skin/sticker combination. The Weapon Builder will find and display the exact item you are looking for. Narrow your search down by weapon type, skin, wear, and stickers – then see if it’s for sale on OPSkins, and which current listing is the cheapest. Basically you can design your dream CS:GO weapon, then see which one on OPSkins is the best one for you to buy. It’s pretty simple to use but we made a brief tutorial for you, or you can check out the Weapon Builder for yourself here: OPSkins Weapon Builder.

OPSkins Item Database – CS:GO

The OPSkins Item Database is a catalog of items that includes every pattern index for important pattern-based skins. This tool enables you to view and research nearly all current skins, including wears and patterns, to give you a better idea of which skins are out there on the market. The Item Database then gives you the OPSkins and Steam Community Market pricing for the item you selected, and the links to browse it in either market.

The item database also holds a registry of images for the skins that have randomly generated patterns. Skins such as Case Hardened, Fades, Marble Fades, Dopplers, Gamma Dopplers, Slaughters and Crimson Webs will have a registry of images that you can use as a reference. All skins with a variable pattern and reference images will have the symbol ✓ Patterns. Check out the Item Database for yourself: OPSkins CSGO Item Database.

OPSkins Item Database – H1Z1

In addition to CS:GO, we now have an H1Z1 Item Database where you can discover new H1Z1 skins, and check out their price history. View it here: OPSkins H1Z1 Item Database.

OPSkins Item Database Fade Tool

We also have the Fade Tool within the OPSkins Item Database. This shows you the knife’s, well, fade. Use the slider to change the pattern index, and view how it affects the knife’s fade in the image. Try it out for yourself here: OPSkins Item Database Fade Tool.

OPSkins Item Explorer

The OPSkins Item Explorer shows you the lowest-priced items on OPSkins that match your filters for CS:GO, Dota 2 and H1Z1. This one is also pretty simple – just select the game, then item type that you’d like to search for, then the subcategory. Rather than scrolling through duplicate listings of the same item to find the lowest priced one, the OPSkins Item Explorer displays it for you. Try it out here: OPSkins Item Explorer

Enjoy the goodies, and let us know in the comments what other tools would make your buying and selling experience on OPSkins faster and easier.


OPSkins, Always Improving: A Recap of Site Updates

OPSkins is constantly improving the selling and buying process for our customers. Below is a list of features added within the last few months:

Item Explorer

We’ve released the Item Explorer, a new search functionality for CS:GO, Dota 2 and H1Z1 items that shows you the lowest-priced items on OPSkins that match your filters. You can learn more about the OPSkins Item Explorer here.

Purchase Items on OPSkins with a Single Click

The checkout process is now even quicker and easier for OPSkins Buyer’s Club Members. If you’re an active Buyer’s Club Member, you can now purchase items using the new Buy Now feature: a one-click button that’s available on all items (not just Buyer’s Club items). Learn more about the Buy Now feature here.

Improving The H1Z1 Sales Process: Set the item price after the 7 day hold is lifted

You can now set the item price after the 7 day hold is lifted. This helps you avoid over- or under-pricing your item due to the market fluctuation during the trade hold period. Read more about it here.

Weapon Builder

Looking for the perfect skin with the perfect stickers? If you were not sure how the skin would look with a sticker or several stickers on it, then the weapon builder can help you – just remember that if the Weapon Builder cannot show you a result of the skin with the stickers, then that means that the specific combination that you’re looking for is currently unavailable in our marketplace. You can learn more about it here.

New Games on OPSkins

OPSkins is proud to announce that we now support the sale of items from Rust and Killing Floor 2. We also recently added Unturned items as well. You can find out more about these games here.

Cashouts Just Got Even Easier

It’s now even easier to send the money earned from item sales to your PayPal account, Bitcoin wallet or Paylution Hyperwallet. Read all about it here.

More Cashout Options

We’ve enhanced our Cashout process even further. OPSkins has partnered with a leading international payments provider, Paylution by Hyperwallet, so you can receive your Cashout faster and have more choices when it comes to receiving the funds you earned from item sales.

New Buy API

Available for developers who want to buy items easily and on a large scale. It also blocks bots that try to snipe items by allowing a 10 minute window to pass before the item can be purchased.

The Item Database

This catalog enables you to view and research current skins, including wears and patterns. Be it a Factory New, Minimal Wear, Field Tested, Battle Scarred or a Well Worn skin, the database provides our users with valuable information so you can have a better idea of what skins are out there in the marketplace. To find out more about the database, you can click here.

Instant Field Inspection™

This upgraded service allows buyers to view actual pictures of the CS:GO items you wish to sell, without buyers having to launch the game in order to inspect them. As a seller, this enhances the marketability of your item because it’s easier for a buyer to inspect a knife pattern, the wear of a skin, the placement of a sticker on the weapon you’re selling, etc – especially while the buyer is on a mobile device. As a buyer, this allows you to inspect high-tiered items without having to launch CS:GO first. Learn more about how you can add this feature to your listings by clicking here.

New Sale Page Features

We added a series of commonly requested new features to our Sale Page. These features help you sell higher volumes of items even faster and easier. We are also introduced several site features that made navigating through items much easier. You can read all about them and how they work here.

Easily Viewing Skins with stickers

This update on allows users to inspect stickers on the CS:GO skins through the their icons in the store. Gone are the days of confusion about what sticker the skin has, or the inconvenience of having to load CS:GO every time you wanted to inspect a skin and see if it had stickers. To find out more about this feature, you can click here.

New OPSkins Inventory Feature

Remember in the old days when you couldn’t get your hands on that deal you just found because your Steam account had a trade cool-down, so you had to wait and possibly miss out on the deal? Now you don’t have to go through all the hassle of waiting for the cool-down to pass with the OPSkins Inventory. This allows you to buy items and deliver them to your OPSkins inventory, where you can either re-list the item or withdraw it to your Steam account at a later time. This means that you can buy the item and retrieve it at your convenience when you are able to trade again. You can read more about it here.

New OPSkins Login Method

We’ve enabled you to increase the security on your OPSkins account by adding a new username and password that no longer depends on your Steam login. So, if your Steam account was ever compromised, your OPSkins account would remain safe. We also made it possible for users to log into OPSkins when Steam is down, where previously you could not sign in if Steam Community was unavailable. This means that during some Steam outages, you can continue trading. Click here to learn more.

Bulk Item Repricing Tool

You can now reprice a bulk quantity of items with one simple step. Gone are the days when you had to manage the price of each item individually if you wished to change more than one. You can read about it here.

One Hour Cashouts

This feature enables you to sell your CS:GO, Dota 2, TF2, H1Z1, PayDay 2 and Steam items on our website and have real-life money deposited into your PayPal account within one hour of the cashout request being issued. If you wish to learn how to get your earnings sent to your PayPal account quicker click here.

Good Deals Page

On the Good Deals page, you can find all the items on our marketplace that are worth more than $5, with a 10% discount when compared to the suggested price. Learn more about it by clicking here.

Buyer’s Club

OPSkins offers an exclusive opportunity for you to get the best prices on in-game items. For the first few minutes when a valuable item is listed for sale on our marketplace, members of the OPSkins Buyer’s Club have exclusive access to purchase it, so you get first dibs on recently listed items. To find out more click here!

Let us know if you have any suggestions for new features, we’re always looking to improve your experience trading on OPSkins Marketplace.


OPSkins Improves The H1Z1 Sales Process: Set the item price after the 7 day hold is lifted

You know the struggle: You want to sell an H1Z1 item, so you list it for sale at the current market price. But there’s that annoying seven day trade hold.  So a week later when the item goes on sale, it’s listed at a week old price that’s no longer relevant. The market has fluctuated by then, and now you’ve either listed an overpriced item and have to lower the price, or the item sold immediately because the price you selected last week was lower than the current market value.  You could have made more money if you had been able to set the price at the current market value.

We fixed it. Beginning today, you can deposit your H1Z1 item on OPSkins without setting a sales price by utilizing your OPSkins Inventory (you can read more about your OPSkins Inventory here).

OPSkins H1Z1 Trade Hold Pricing

When you list an H1Z1 item with us, you can select “Addon” and then choose the option “Deposit to my OPSkins Inventory.” Your item still goes into the game publisher-mandated seven day trade hold because we can’t prevent that. But now, the item gets deposited into your OPSkins Inventory without a stipulated sales price.  So when it’s tradeable seven days later, you can go back into your inventory page and put the item up for sale at the current market price. Keep in mind that the item will not appear in your inventory until the trade hold period is up.

We’ve included a short video clip here that walks through the simple process of depositing your H1Z1 item into OPSkins Inventory:

This is an optional feature. If you prefer the old way of setting a price when you deposit it and before the trade lock, you may still do that the same way you always have.

Get started – list your H1Z1 items for sale here.


H1Z1: Infernal Crate Item Prices on OPSkins


Last month, Daybreak released the Infernal Crate with a Halloween theme and we estimated that skins would begin selling around November 8th. Now, almost a week later we can begin to see a trend in prices over a six day period.


The case itself has a suggested price of $0.58 and the cheapest one we could find in our marketplace has an asking price of $0.42. The average price did fall on November 12th, but this is because the volume of units sold on the 11th doubled the number of units sold the day before. Now the average price of the crate rose to $0.63 which is higher than the initial average price of $0.59 that was reported on November 8th.

Long story short, if you held onto your Infernal Crates, now is the time to put them up for sale as the average selling price is at the highest it has ever been.


Interestingly enough, the most expensive item from this crate is the Infernal 12GA Pump Shotgun that out-prices the following item on the list – the Infernal Demon Mask – by almost $5.

The shotgun started with an average price of $79.81, then fell by $13.60 but has since quickly recovered to its current average price of $77.63. This is to be expected as items that are newly released into the marketplace start with a high asking price, then lower as the market begins to fill, then finally climb back and stabilize in the following days. This one however shows the importance of firearms in the game by claiming the top spot as the most expensive item in our marketplace for this crate. So if you managed to get a hold of one before the 14 day waiting period passed, and sold it on November 8th or purchased one on November 9th and sold it in the past two days, then you’ve certainly got your money’s worth.


The Infernal Demon Mask is the second most expensive item in the crate with a suggested price of $67.56 and it easily doubles the price of the next closest item on the list, barely missing the top spot. It’s had the same behavior as other skins with its average price dropping by $4 in the first three days of sales and then climbing back by $3 in the following three days. It has a more stable average price than the Infernal Shotgun when comparing the price variation both items have experienced in the first six days of sales and it is only $5 cheaper, which means that it could potentially overtake the Shotgun and become the most valuable item in this crate.


The Frankenswine Mask, a spin off of the Cigar Hog Mask is the third most expensive item on the list and a much more accessible option. With a suggested price of $28.79, it’s a bargain when compared to the Cigar Hog’s suggested price of $219.88 and there are more units to choose from as well.


It is also worth looking into the other items on this crate and the items belonging to the three main sets that can be acquired from it. The Day of the Dead and Arachnid sets all have items with average prices that started out low on the first two or three days and have consistently earned value like the Day of the Dead Suit, which has almost doubled its average price in the six days it has been on sale.

Let us know in the comments if you have bought or sold any of the items in the Infernal Crate and which of them you would like to get your hands on!

The suggested prices were taken from OPSkins on of November 13th, 2016.


H1Z1: King of the Kill – Highest Volume and Highest Sale Price Items on OPSkins


In the previous post about H1Z1: Just Survive, we established that the most frequently sold item was an in-game consumable and the most expensive item was a mask. It’s not exactly the same with H1Z1: King of the Kill.

While in the previous game players work together to survive and explore, H1Z1: King of the Kill focuses more on just that: killing. The most frequently sold items for this game are crates and bags that players can open in order to acquire new in-game cosmetic modifications. The most expensive item, while not a mask, is still a piece of headgear – a bandana. Also when compared to H1Z1: Just Survive, the price tag for the most expensive items is noticeably higher. For example, the Cigar Hog Mask in H1Z1: King of the Kill has a suggested price of $199.53 while the same item in H1Z1: Just Survive has a suggested price tag of $119.18. Here’s a breakdown of the top six most sold items on OPSkins for H1Z1: King of the Kill, and what percentage of the top six they occupy:

H1Z1: KotK Most Sold Items

The most sold item in our marketplace for H1Z1: King of the Kill is the Mystery Crate v2 (more like a bag than a crate, really) with a suggested price of $0.16 and a 20.92% share among the top six most sold skins for the game. This isn’t a big surprise considering that the top 10 players of every H1Z1: King of the Kill match are awarded one, so while not every player will get one, every player could potentially earn one. The trend on the suggested price is also climbing so it is a good idea to buy right now and sell later. It is followed by the Renegade Crate which contains 20 items for cosmetic modification and has a suggested price of $0.04 that is also rising, and the Tie-Dye Leggings with a suggested price of $0.16. All in all, if you buy a bulk of the most sold H1Z1: King of the Kill right now and sell them later you will definitely make a profit.

H1Z1: KotK Most Expensive Items

As for the most expensive item, this title goes to the Skull Face Bandana with a suggested price of $376.58 and only 5 units currently on sale. As with any other expensive item, it is not a fast seller but it is constant with at least one unit being sold every day on average, add to that the fact that it’s suggested price has been rising constantly and the more it sits, the more expensive it becomes which equals to a higher profit once it sales. The Cigar Hog Mask follows with a -constantly increasing- suggested price of $199.53 and we are waiting to see if the new Frankenswine mask will top it.

As for the other items on the list, they include two rifles, one shotgun, four more bandanas, a pair of glasses, body armor and a helmet. Interestingly enough three of the items on the list belong to the Toxic set which can be acquired from the H1Z1 Invitational Crate, all of them have a suggested price that is climbing and all of them can be purchased here at OPSkins.


These numbers were taken from last month’s sales, which means that they can be used as a reference of the recent behavior of the H1Z1: King of the Kill economy in our marketplace. Let us know in the comments what are your thoughts on the Mystery Crate v2, the Skull Face Bandana, the Cigar Hog Mask or any of the other items we listed!

The suggested prices were taken from OPSkins on of November 2nd, 2016.


H1Z1: Just Survive – Highest Volume and Highest Sale Price Items on OPSkins


Just last week Daybreak released their Infernal Crate to coincide with Halloween, and now we are going to take a look at the most sold and most expensive items for H1Z1: Just Survive in our marketplace. Here’s a breakdown of the top 10 most sold items on OPSkins for Just Survive, and what percentage of the top 10 they occupy:

H1Z1: JS Most Sold Items

The most sold item by volume in our marketplace is the Airdrop Ticket, which accounts for half of the total item sales for the most sold items in H1Z1: Just Survive. It has a suggested price of $0.09 (although some units have a higher asking price) and it sold 800 units on the 1st of November alone. Interestingly enough, it is an in-game consumable that can grant you a weapon drop when used and considering that the price has remained stable for the past 10 days with some signs of growth it is a safe bet on where to put your money.  The rest of the items account for less than half of the volume for most sold items, but still move enough units to be noticeable in our analysis and even though their suggested price is quite low it is very stable in our market so they can generate profit when sold at the right time; it’s all about patience.

Now to compare prices (which is linked to the items rarity) we can look at the following chart:

H1Z1: JS Most Sold Items

First off is the non-kosher Cigar Hog Mask, which interestingly enough has a new version in the King of The Kill – the Frankenswine Mask. The Cigar Hog Mask has a suggested price of $120.38 and while it might sell slowly at almost one unit per day, it’s suggested price has been constantly increasing in the past month so if you have managed to hold on to one for some time and decide to sell it now, you will be making a profit. It is followed by the Graffiti Hunting Rifle, with a suggested (constantly increasing) price of $66.11 and the Evil Clown Face Bandana at $50.80. These three items have an increasing trend which means that the probability of having a higher suggested price increases with every day which in turn gives you the chance to make a profit in sales.



These numbers were taken from last month’s sales, which means that they can be used as a reference of the recent behavior of the H1Z1: Just Survive economy in our marketplace. Let us know in the comments what are your thoughts on the Airdrop Tickets, the Cigar Hog Mask or any of the other items we listed!

The suggested prices were taken from OPSkins on of November 2nd, 2016.


The New H1Z1 Infernal Crate

Image Courtesy of Daybreak Game Company

Daybreak’s server maintenance on October 25th also brought with it the Infernal Crate and just in time for Halloween (speaking of which …). The crate features 27 new items and all of them with a Halloween theme or as Daybreak put it: “Summon your inner demons with the new Infernal Crate! From Frankenswine’s Mask to Arachnid Tactical Gear, the Infernal Crate takes evil to a whole new level.”

Since the crate was released on October the 25th these items should become tradeable seven days after they drop which means that we will begin to see them listed on our marketplace around November 1st and you will be able to buy them seven days after that.

The crate contains two new gears and one new suit, plus an Ultra Rare shotgun, an Ultra Rare rifle and two Ultra Rare Demon Masks that glow in the dark.

The crate can be acquired as a random in-game drop or by purchasing it from the in-game store. The random drop will be a locked crate and you will need crowns to unlock it. The purchased case is sold unlocked.

Now we just have to hope that they release an entire set for the Demon Masks.

Infernal Green Demon Mask (Ultra Rare) – Courtesy of Daybreak Game Company





Status of H1Z1: King of the Kill Items on OPSkins

Update 9/27: H1Z1 is working again!

Original post:

As the community is well aware, H1Z1 KotK went down for maintenance in preparation for an update. Inventories for certain accounts never returned, and from what we can tell, those who don’t own the game were the accounts affected.

We immediately reached out to Daybreak, and have continuously followed up with them several times throughout the past few days. In their responses, they acknowledged that they’re aware of the problem and that their development team is actively working on solutions, and that they don’t have an ETA. All their responses have pointed to this being an unintentional bug.

We’re looking into every possible solution to address the issue so that you don’t have to wait until Daybreak releases a patch in order to access your items. Unfortunately since the problem is on their end, the OPSkins development team doesn’t have the opportunity to solve the issue. However we have been tapping our connections to higher-ups within Daybreak to try to get this expedited.

Buying the game is an option we’re considering but we are not confident this will solve the problem and it may be a logistical near-impossibility, due in part to the fact that ownership of the game alone isn’t what causes the problem, but also creation of a character (as far as we can tell).

We do encourage you to contact Daybreak support so they understand the magnitude of this problem.  You should mention that some of your items are on accounts which can’t access their inventories so you can’t get your items back.  Note:  It will not be helpful for you to mention third party sites like OPSkins because they might just close the ticket out by telling you to contact us.  Since we are not the cause of the problem – it’s on Daybreak’s side – that will not help you

As the most secure and trusted marketplace for your in-game items, we will do everything possible to facilitate the return of your inventory, and will keep you updated on our progress.

Screenshot of a Daybreak developers response regarding KotK item inventories
Screenshot of a Daybreak developers response regarding KotK item inventories.



H1Z1 Items: Bringing Back the Dead

Update 1/12/17: you can now set the item price after the 7 day hold is lifted. This helps you avoid over- or under-pricing your item due to the market fluctuation during the trade hold period.

And you thought December’s “Escrow” was a nail biter. On February 24th, 2016 Daybreak announced on that all items for H1Z1: Just Survive and H1Z1: King of the Hill would have a trade hold of seven days, which prompted OPSkins customers to open a support ticket and for us to answer:

“A recent change by H1Z1 implemented a feature called “Trade Lock” which will cause a “lock to the item” for seven days on any trade that occurs, this feature affects all items purchased or traded through Steam and both games will have the same restrictions placed on them.  These changes will affect trades that are currently in process.  For more information please check We have refunded you for that transaction.”

For those of you who may have received this message and for those of you who haven’t, and might be wondering, “How am I going to sell my H1Z1 items on OPSkins?”and  “Will it kill the market?” and “What will happen to my money?” and “Way to kill a trading community” and “Is Jon Snow still alive?” and “Should I help out Kanye?” fear not – OPSkins is here and with the answer. So let’s begin:

How am I going to sell my H1Z1 items on OPSkins?

We treat it as a trade hold and the item isn’t listed until it’s tradeable. So you will trade with an OPSkins bot, then you wait seven days, and then the item will be listed. If you don’t have the Steam Mobile Authenticator then you will trade with an OPSkins bot, you’ll wait three days, then another seven days, and then the item will be listed.

Will there be a hold when I buy the item?

No, but you won’t be able to trade the item immediately after you receive it – you will have to wait seven more days in order to trade your recently acquired item. In another words, you won’t be able to resell it immediately after you’ve bought it.

What will happen with the price in that time period?

You can already modify the price of an item after it’s been listed but we’re also working on giving you the option to edit the price while the item is on hold. This will be available soon.

What about features? Will they be affected?

No, once the item is tradable it’ll be listed and featured as normal, if you chose to add a feature when you listed it.

Is Jon Snow still alive?

You will have to wait until April 24, 2016 or until G.R.R. Martin finishes Winds of Winter.

Should I help out Kanye?

If you wish to do so, you can go here and donate. But we don’t recommend this cuz, you know, it’s Kanye.

Did we cover all your questions? If you you have more questions with regards to this post, leave a comment below or open a support ticket and we will gladly answer.

Big Changes for H1Z1 and What It Means for your Items on OPSkins

Depiction of King of the Kill and Just Survive game split.

The popular game H1Z1 will be splitting into two standalone games called H1Z1: King of the Kill and H1Z1: Just Survive, Daybreak Game Company announced, on February 5th. One is focused on survival and the other focused as a fast paced shooter.

What does this mean for my skins and for new players? Current early access players will have their items, crates and keys duplicated across both games. New players will have to choose which game to purchase, but anyone who previously owned H1Z1 before February 17th will receive both games.

If you have any items listed for sale on OPSkins and Steam Market, they will be returned before February 17th. Everyone who has items listed on OPSkins should return their items themselves to ensure there are no lost items. After the game splits you should be able to relist your items. As mentioned previously, your current items will be duplicated across both games. They can only be traded and used on the appropriate game title. So basically if you have one gun right now, when the game splits you will have TWO guns of the same type (one on each game) so each gun can be traded and used ONLY on the corresponding game title. Post-split, all new skins acquired will only be available on their respective game.

This new change can be seen as controversial and also can be seen as a positive. Duplicating everyone’s items will significantly affect both game’s economies and everyone’s inventory values. This will force new players to buy two games and two of the same skin for both games, which is a real turn off. Also, both games post-split will be the same price of $19.99 each. If you ever plan on playing H1Z1 and want to play both games, I suggest you buy it now before the 17th so you won’t pay double later.

If you are only interested in one game type over the other, this can be seen as a positive to current owners of the game. Having a full and well-funded development team focusing strictly on that particular game type can be appealing. Now both games can really expand and advance into the games they were destined to be.