Breaking News: PUBG Item Trading is Back on OPSkins

It’s probably not news to you that PUBG temporarily suspended item trading last month, locking OPSkins customer’s items on our bots. Today, we bring you exciting news – your PUBG items are now tradeable again on OPSkins.

How can you buy, sell, and trade PUBG items during the temporary trading suspension?

With WAX ExpressTrade. You can now freely buy, sell, and trade your PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS items on just as you could prior to May 3rd with one difference: you cannot withdraw your items to Steam because PUBG has temporarily disabled that feature. However every other buying, selling, and trading functionality for PUBG items is now active again on OPSkins. We have set your skins free.

What is WAX ExpressTrade?

If you’re unfamiliar with WAX ExpressTrade, it’s a new feature that we launched on June 6th which allows OPSkins customers to instantly trade items to other ExpressTrade users for free. We’ve combined the resources that we’ve built to prevent scamming with a trading mechanism that allows OPSkins customers to safely trade items instantly. We initially launched ExpressTrade with CS:GO items only, and today have added support for PUBG items. You can read more about ExpressTrade and why we built it here.

What’s next for PUBG item trading?

PUBG said in their statement that this trade lock is temporary and that “the restriction will be lifted.” If trading resumes to its normal state prior to the trading suspension, any items that an OPSkins customer acquires between now and then can be withdrawn to Steam.

OPSkins Group Inc. has been in talks with Bluehole Inc. over the last few months regarding solutions for the issues that caused the trade suspension, and we encourage the community to not be too critical of them while they sort out their concerns.

In the meantime, OPSkins is pleased to provide a way for PUBG item owners to buy, sell, and trade items from their inventory. What do you think of this new feature? Let us know in the comments or on twitter.




  • Reply
    Jun 12, 2018 8:31 am

    Hi guys, Could you give us the ability to list our opskins pubg items on steam market then give us credit on our wallet for us to buy other games skins and withdraw them instead?

    this would be so nice,

    (of course u could charge a share for the service)


    • Reply
      Matt Hamilton
      Jun 12, 2018 9:42 pm

      Hey, unfortunately we can’t because PUBG Corp disabled PUBG item trading a couple months ago. We encourage you to contact them requesting that this be reversed for at least a day so everyone can retrieve their items before the 21st.

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