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Beware of Scam Sites Impersonating OPSkins

Update 10/17: You can download this Google Chrome extension to block many of these sites.

Updated 9/28/17

OPSkins is the safest and most trusted marketplace for trading in-game items. Lately there has been a new wave of websites impersonating OPSkins, which scam users out of their items. Here are some steps you can take to safeguard yourself against this and other common scams:

  • Don’t fall for scam sites! Scam sites are any URL with  /  opskins.___  / including sites pretending to be OPSkins case opening or gambling sites. OPSkins has NO case sites and NO gambling sites and we are not affiliated with any. Recent examples are:
  • Another new fake site scam that we are seeing lately makes the characters in the URL look like it says in your browser, this is particularly tricky when someone sends you a link and the underline hides the special characters:

  • Which are real OPSkins websites? Trust only websites that end with or Examples of these trusted URLs are:
  • ENABLE 2 FACTOR AUTHENTICATION ON YOUR ACCOUNT. We can’t stress this enough. This is the safest way to keep your account secure. You can do this by visiting your Account Page > Account Security. We also recommend that you enable Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator for additional security.
  • In general, if someone contacts you on Steam and asks you to list an item on OPSkins, they’re probably attempting to scam you.
  • Don’t trust anyone who contacts you claiming to be an OPSkins staff member. No one from OPSkins will ever add you on Steam, and/or ask you to trade an item. These are impostors who will scam you.
  • Check to make sure you’re trading with an OPSkins bot. When trading with a bot, check your security token and click the bot’s name to open its profile. From there, make sure that the bot is in the “OPSkins Bots” Steam group. The official OPSkins Bots Steam group is named exactly “OPSkins Bots” and has an abbreviation of “op-bots”
  • Do not download any OPSkins browser extensions. OPSkins doesn’t have any official extensions, and so any that you see are most likely intended to scam you out of your items.

Remember, OPSkins cannot restore any items or funds that were lost as part of a scam or hijacking. Your account security is your responsibility. Your account will remain safe if you don’t trust fake sites, don’t trust anyone pretending to be OPSkins staff, and don’t download malware. If you have any questions, you can always contact us by making a support ticket.

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  1. CabooseEcho CabooseEcho

    Thank you for looknig out for your users/customers! 😀

  2. SmileyJB SmileyJB

    okay thanks for help guys :))

  3. Aleksey Aleksey


    • Arielle Arielle


    • PJ Oxendine PJ Oxendine

      It’s a SCAM Site.

  4. Andres Andres

    Thanks for the advise some guy that wanted to buy my knife yesternight kept sending me links that looked off and had a http// link not a secured one and the dots at the bottom of the opskins logo, I told him to F**k off and that he is a dumba*s

  5. Exequiel Gonzalez Exequiel Gonzalez

    Thanks guys! i have ON the 2FA and works perfect.

  6. yaiiyaii yaiiyaii new site opened up 4 days ago. they gave me over $30 bonus. won over 1000k$ worth of skins seemed too good to be real.

    • PJ Oxendine PJ Oxendine

      It’s a SCAM Site.

  7. Hamza Al Ebousi Hamza Al Ebousi

    I just got scammed 10 dollars by a website called ;( i really appreciate you putting up this page to prevent other people from getting scammed but next time i will be more careful with sites like these

    • PJ Oxendine PJ Oxendine

      It’s a SCAM Site.

  8. Marcel Marcel

    And that One?

    • PJ Oxendine PJ Oxendine

      It’s a SCAM Site.

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