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Author: Damian

ESL One NY: A Clean Sweep Grants FaZe the Title

The ESL One New York Counter-Strike tournament ended this Sunday, and FaZe won following a 3-0 clean sweep against Team Liquid.

Source: HLTV

On their way to the finals, FaZe went 2-0 during the group stages and 2-0 during the semifinals against Cloud9.

This is the first time FaZe competed with their newest roster after acquiring Fnatic’s olofmeister and NaVi’s GuardiaN in August. The eight-team tournament featured Astralis, Liquid, Na’Vi, SK Gaming,, EnVyUs and Cloud9 and served as a great platform for the teams to display their performance along with their new rosters.

In an interview done to HLTV FaZe’s Nikola “Niko” Kovač compared the team to the old Fnatic, in the sense that they have a group of versatile players who know what to do in order to win every round.

The tournament featured a $250,000 prize pool, and with their win FaZe took $125,000.

The final standings and full prize pool break down for the event where as follows

ESL One New York final standings:

1. Europe FaZe – $125,000
2. United States Liquid – $50,000
3-4. Brazil SK – $25,000
3-4. United States Cloud9 – $25,000
5-6. Ukraine Natus Vincere – $8,500
5-6. Denmark Astralis – $8,500
7-8. Poland – $4,000
7-8. France EnVyUs – $4,000

Now that the dust has settled, what did you think of the event?


DreamHack ASTRO Open Montreal begins Today

DreamHack Montreal will be home of one of the nine DreamHack ASTRO Open tournaments and will feature a $100,000 prize pool. All games will be aired live starting September 8th at 13:00 EDT on Twitch.

The DreamHack ASTRO Open is a series of small tournaments taking place across different gaming festival events throughout Europe and North America. The previous event was held in Atlanta in July, where Team EnVyUs took first place.

Starting tomorrow, eight teams will be fighting it out to take home the biggest share of the prize pool. The tournament features some of the best talent from the Americas with teams such as Cloud9, and Brazilian team Immortals who were the runner ups for the PGL Kraków Major in July.

The teams are divided in two groups, and using a double elimination format, the teams will make their way to the playoffs.

Group A:

  • North
  • Team Kinguin
  • Counter Logic Gaming
  • Gale Force Esports

Group B:

  • Cloud 9
  • Immortals
  • compLexity Gaming
  • Luminosity Gaming


Share: wins big in Vegas at the DreamHack Masters Las Vegas.


Image from:
Image from:

Dreamhack in Las Vegas finished up yesterday with a prize pool of $450,000 (200,000 going to the 1st place winner).

On the way to the finals, has the chance of battling mousesports and Astralis.

The Polish team was able to win 2-1 against Astralis, the team that is currently ranked as Number 1 in the world according to HLTV, and the same team that fought them at the ELEAGUE Major and prevented them from winning the Major Title.

The finals were played between and SK Gaming, this time with the finalized SK Roster (they faced each other during the Major and SK had a standing in player).  João “felps” Vasconcellos was the latest addition to the Brazilian squad, replacing Lincoln “fnx” Lau.

The maps of the night were Cobblestone, Train and Mirage. The Brazilian team took the lead on the first map and closed it with a 16 to 8 score, leading to SK’s map of choice: Train. This time the roles reversed, and it was that closed their lead 16:11 and pushed the series to a third map.

The last map of the night was Mirage, and it was the Polish team that claimed the game 16:13 taking home a total of $200,000.



Astralis wins ELEAGUE Major 2017

Image from: @astralisgg
Image from: @astralisgg

After a long week of exciting games and multiple upsets, the ELEAGUE Major 2017 has come to an end.

16 teams battled it out to claim a “Legend” Status (granted to the top eight teams) and get invited to the next major, with only one claiming the ELEAGUE Major 2017 title.

Astralis takes home the tournament grand prize of $500,000. Second place, and $150,000, went to

More than one million unique viewers watched the ELEAGUE Major grand finals on Twitch, smashing the records for the most viewers on a single channel (the previous one was 890k viewers and it was also a CS:GO record).


The first map of the series was’s choice of Nuke, and the Polish team went on to win it 16-12. The second map of the best-of-three series was played on Overpass (Astralis’s choice). The Danish squad had a difficult start, but managed to deny the Overtime to and closed the map 16-14.

The deciding map of the series was Train. After a rough first half, the score was 6-9. But Astralis managed to turn the game around and won 16-14 after being down 12-14.


ELEAGUE Atlanta 2017 Stickers and Graffiti: Available on OPSkins January 20

With only weeks away from the first CS:GO Major of 2017, Valve has released the Team Stickers for the ELEAGUE Atlanta Major that will run January 22 to January 29 at the Fox Theatre.

As is the custom by now, 50% of the proceeds from Team Stickers and Autographed Stickers purchased in-game will go to the players and organizations. The same deal will apply to the Team Graffiti.

The Group Stage for the tournament will be played using the Swiss-system, in which teams are divided into small groups that will face each other at random. There will be five rounds of games and the top eight teams will advance to the playoffs.

Image from:
Image from:

The stickers and graffiti will be available on OPSkins once they become tradeable on January 20.

As we’ve discussed in the past, the CS:GO Tournament Stickers are great collectibles and memorabilia, but are also a good investment that might pay off on the long run. The best example of that are the Katowice 2014 ( originally sold in-game for $5), that currently sell for over $25 with some of them going for over three figures.

You can use the stickers as decoration and memorabilia, and during the tournament you can also use them as “game pieces” to participate in the “Pick’Em Challenge.” There will be three types of trophies awarded to those participating in the Pick’Em Challenge that can be displayed next to your avatar in-game.

Team Graffiti. Image from:
Team Graffiti. Image from:

Most of the teams participating in this year’s major already had stickers in-game from previous Majors, however there are two teams that will see their first stickers added to the game: Team GODSENT composed by former players for Fnatic, and Team North.

For those unfamiliar with North, it is a Danish eSports organization affiliated with F.C Copenhagen and Nordisk Film, comprised by ex-Dignitas players.



2016 in Review: Top 10 eSports Teams (based on earnings)

2016 was another record year for eSports. As prize pools for tournaments keep growing by the millions, so do the fortunes earned by the teams and organizations involved. This year saw new games break into the scene such as Overwatch. Valve again had the biggest prize pool in eSports history for the Dota 2 tournament “The International” – a whopping $20,770,460. Almost all of it, $19,170,460 to be exact, was added by the community through crowdfunding.

As expected with humongous prize pools, Dota 2 teams lead the charts for the Top 10 eSports by the end of 2016, based on their earnings. The list below shows the total prize pool money earned by the top 10 teams or organizations by the end of 2016.

  1. Counter Logic Gaming – $1,605,750 on 95 Tournaments

counter_logic_gaming_logo-svgMost of CLG’s money comes from Halo. After placing 1st in multiple tournaments, including the Halo World Championship of 2016, the team earned $1,107,000 from 6 Tournaments.

Their CS:GO team earned a total of $160,500 this year, a little more than what they won during 2015 ($126,989).



  1. Team EnVyUs – $1,812,573 in 81 Tournaments


The American organization had an excellent year with the Call of Duty franchise, earning a total of $921,330 from 11 tournaments. This is even more impressive considering that by the end of 2015, the team only earned 1/36th of that amount – just $25,052 in prize money.

Their CS:GO team had a somewhat difficult year. By the end of 2015, EnVy was placing first in several tournaments and earned $512,511. But this year their all-French roster won $454,547. While the difference in earnings doesn’t seem too big, the reason they even brought home as much as they did is mainly due to the increase in prize pool money for CS:GO tournaments, not that they won more tournaments. The team only placed first three times, and their performance in the Majors was not ideal.


  1. MVP – $2,537,357 in 128 Tournaments

mvplogoThe organization known for being the “Korean Overlords”  on the Dota 2 scene (being the only Korean organization involved in this game), have different teams wearing their logo such as MVP-Phoenix and MVP HOT6 for Dota 2 (along with multiple LoL and HOTS teams).

Their Dota 2 squad contributed to most of the organization’s prize pool money earned in 2016. MVP Phoenix placed 5-6th in the Manila Major and The International 2016, earning more than $1.1 million combined between those two tournaments. Their two Dota 2 teams combined earned more than $1.7 million, and their Heroes of the Storm teams won more than $500,000. The rest of the money came from their wins in League of Legends and StarCraft II.


  1. SK Telecom T1 – $2,737,898 in 31 Tournaments


SK Telecom is best known for their League of Legends squad. While StarCraft II has contributed to the organization’s prize pool earnings, it’s their LoL teams that bring the bread to the table.

Their League of Legends team won multiple tournaments, including the 2016 World Championship. In total, the LoL team won a total of $2,459,412.00 from nine Tournaments during 2016.



  1. Team OG – $2,915,144 in 14 Tournaments

600px-og_logoTeam OG is strictly a Dota 2 organization. The team won two Majors in 2016, along with several big Dota 2 tournaments.

The two Majors made up $2.1 million of their total earnings, and impressively the team has won three of the five Dota 2 majors that have ever been hosted: The Frankfurt Major in 2015, the Manila Major in 2016 and the Boston Major in 2016.



  1. Team Liquid – $2,997,661 in 298 Tournaments


Team Liquid is a worldwide professional eSports organization, with rosters competing in games such as Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, StarCraft II, and many other well-known gaming titles.

Their Dota 2 team contributed $1,796,096, placing 2nd in two Majors and 7th-8th in The International 6. Their CS:GO team had a good year with a total of $447,133 from 24 tournaments, more than triple their 2015 earnings when the team only won $146,906.

Their fighting games scene contributed $251,423 from 14 Tournaments.


  1. Fnatic – $3,089,721 in 60 Tournaments

shum9dx5The eSports organization has players and teams competing in almost every gaming title that has a professional scene.

2016 was a slow year for their Counter-Strike team compared to 2015 when the team won a total of $862,913. This year only saw a winning a total of $682,331.60.

Their Dota 2 squad overall had a good year (if we ignore their recent performance), winning a total of $1,954,094. Close to $1.5 million of that was from ending 4th at The International 2016.

Their LoL roster won $35,000, then $40,0000 from SMITE, and $233,000 from HOTS.


  1. Evil Geniuses – $3,503,996 in 65 Tournaments

600px-egBy the end of 2015, Evil Geniuses was the top organization, claiming The International 5, DAC 2015, and several other tournaments for a total of $8,952,675.

This year was slower for them than last year, but still impressive and lucrative – earning them the third place spot on this list. Their new Dota 2 Squad won a total of $3,293,813.


  1. Digital Chaos – $3,790,173 in 12 Tournaments

digitalchaos_logoDigital Chaos was formed near the end of 2015 and started slow, but 2016 turned into their lucky year.

The team placed second in The International 2016 and this earned them a total of 3,427,126 in prize pool money. The team placed 3rd-4th in The Boston Major 2016, and closed their year with 3rd-4th place in the China Top 2016.



  1. Wings Gaming – $9,589,559 in 16 Tournaments

600px-wingsHow can a team win it all, you might ask? The Chinese team was formed in 2014 after the end of The International 2014, but it wasn’t until 2016 that teams started to take them seriously.

They went on to win ESL One Manila 2016, followed by The Summit 5, and topped it off with a first place win at The International 2016.

Their Dota 2 team is one of the most feared teams on the scene, and their aggressive style of play and deep hero pool are topics of constant discussion by the Dota 2 fans and analysts.

Their win at The International 2016 granted them a total of $9,139,002 in prize pool money, and places their team as the #2 in lifetime history of eSports, with a total of $9,636,911 (Evil Geniuses that has earned a total of 15,352,198.29 since its inception).

There will be fewer Dota 2 majors during 2016, but with the constant growth of CS:GO and the new release of Overwatch, we’re excited to see which eSports teams and organizations win big in 2017.



Dota 2: The New Journey Update

Image from:
Image from:

It’s finally out. “The New Journey” is a major, long-awaited Dota 2 patch that turns the game version into 7.00.

With it comes a long list of changes to the map, items, heroes and overall game play. Some say it feels like a completely different game now, and Reddit started calling the update “Dota 3” before the patch was even out.

Update 7.00 is titled “The New Journey” and marks the debut of a brand new hero, Monkey King. Monkey King was announced during The International 6. All previous heroes in Dota 2 were ported from the previous version of the game, making Monkey King the first original hero to be created specifically for Dota 2. Monkey King was released along with a custom Arcana Item, new themed terrain and announcer packs. All those items will be available on OPSkins as soon as the items become tradeable.

With “The New Journey” comes a series of additional changes such as the New HUD, a new Pregame phase, remodels for three heroes (that badly needed it such as Viper, Slardar and Enigma) and the introduction of “talent trees” into the game.

Image from:
Image from:

Talents will replace the “stats” option when leveling up heroes and will grant them additional stats and perks such as lower respawn time, additional GPM, additional Health, damage and many different options designed for each hero. You can read all the new abilities and changes on the official game play patch logs.

If you love Dota 2 as much as we do, we invite you to read “The New Journey” update on the official Dota 2 blog. And if you love skins as much as we do, make sure to drop by OPSkins to get your Monkey King Arcana in the following weeks.


The Northern Arena Montreal Finals

Northern Arena

The CS:GO Lan event for the Northern Arena in Montreal came to an end on SundayOPSkins participated as a Gold Sponsor for this amazing event that featured a $100,000 prize pool.

This was the match for G2 to avenge their loss against OpTic Gaming during ESL One: New York, the BO1 game that knocked them out of the tournament. Unfortunately OpTic had different plans, and managed to beat them once again, after a 2:1 performance on the Bo3 finals.

The first map for the finals was Cobblestone (OpTic’s map of choice) but it was the French team that took the first half of the map while on CT-Side 12:3. The second half of the map showed a revitalized OpTic on CT-Side, however the American org was unable to close the map, and ended up dropping the first game 16:14.

Dust 2 was the second game. OpTic started by taking the pistol round, and by the end of the first half OpTic was in the lead 9:6, a lead that continued until they were one point away from victory. With the score 15:7, G2 reacted and closed the score to 15:12 before OpTic Gaming was able to close the second map 16:12.

The last map of the series was played on Train. The strong defense from OpTic Gaming on CT secured them the first half of the game 9:6. The pistol round of the second half went to G2 but OpTic striked hard once again and closed the score and claimed the title 16:7.

With this result OpTic Gaming earned a total of $50,000 and G2 $25,000 with the rest of the prize pool going to the third and fourth place teams, Heroic and EnVy Us.

On behalf of the OPSkins Crew, we would like to thank everyone that dropped by the booth to say hi, it’s amazing to be part of this community and we love every opportunity we get to interact with our customers.

OP at NortherArena


Dota 2: Boston Major Qualifiers, and Dates of the Spring Major & The International 2017

Image from:
Image from:

The Dota 2 Boston Major’s qualifiers are finally over and we have the sixteen teams that will participate in the event. The Major will take place at the Wang Theater in Boston starting December 3rd.

Eight teams were directly invited and eight teams qualified through the Main Qualifiers, which were played online October 27th – 31st. (As has been done in the previous tournaments, some teams were directly invited due to their performance heading into the Major, while the rest of the teams competed in a Qualifier that was divided by regions). The winner of each regional qualifiers were:

  • Americas: Team NP and compLexity Gaming.
  • China: IG Vitality and LGD.Forever Young.
  • Europe: Ad Finem and
  • Southeast Asia: Team Faceless and WarriorsGaming.Unity

invitedteamsboston qualifiedboston

Also today Valve announced the dates for the Spring Major and The International 2017, the two Valve sponsored Dota 2 events that will take place in 2017.

For the Spring Major Qualifiers, Valve will be changing the Qualifying regions by splitting the Americas Qualifiers into two district regions (North America and South America) and the European Qualifiers (CIS Qualifier and a Europe Qualifier).

It is still unclear how many invites will be given for the Spring Major, and that will reflect directly in the number of qualifying spots available for this two new district regions.

The Spring Major Main Event will take place April 20 – 23 2017 and The International 2017 Main Event will once again be held in the first half of August.



CS:GO: Dignitas wins the EPICENTER

Image from: @epicentergg
Image from: @epicentergg

Dignitas was crowned the EPICENTER: Moscow champions after beating Virtus.Pro on a best of three final and claimed $250,000. The tournament featured a $500,000 prize pool that was divided between the eight participating teams, with the 7th-8th place taking $15,000.

The almost fully European tournament (except for SK gaming who was invited) showed eight of the best teams in the CS:GO competitive scene. Six teams were directly invited (Fnatic, G2 Esports, Na’Vi, NIP, SK and and two teams (Dignitas and HellRaisers) qualified through European and CIS closed qualifiers.

Dignitas had an amazing run before heading into the finals, after defeating Fnatic and Na’Vi. on the other hand, was seeded directly to the Semifinals, and after beating SK Gaming 2-1 qualified to the finals.

The first map of the finals was Nuke (chosen by Dignitas) but it was that started strong by going into the first half with a 11:4 lead. Dignitas had a good attempt for a comeback in the second half (playing Terrorist), bringing the score to a 14-11. But the Polish team was able to close it by taking two consecutive rounds 16:11.

The second map was Cobblestone, and it started the same way as last time but with Dignitas on the lead. 11:4 was the score (in favor of Dignitas) before heading into the second half. Dignitas closed the second map in a convincing manner after claiming five rounds of the second half, performing on CT 16:5.

The decider map was Mirage, and it was an extremely weak performance by the Polish team on T-side, dropping 13:2 before heading into the second half. won the pistol round and the one that followed it, but the Danish team closed the score 16:5.

With second place, won $100,000. Na’vi and SK (who ended 3rd-4th) each took $40,000.

This is the biggest prize pool Dignitas has claimed in their CS:GO history, will this mark a new beginning for the Danish team?