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Author: Arielle

Now on OPSkins: CryptoKitties!

Today, the global ETH blockchain-based gaming phenomenon meets the skins trading market. That’s right – CryptoKitties can be purchased and sold on OPSkins. Browse listings here.

You’re a skin trader, why should you care about digital cat trading? Because the CryptoKitties are addictingly fun, are so popular that at one point were responsible for 15% of all transactions on the Ethereum network, and can be or become incredibly valuable.

Like skins, CryptoKitties are one-of-a-kind collectible digital items that can vary in price from less than a dollar to $100,000+.

You can purchase CryptoKitties with either your OPSkins Wallet Funds account balance or with WAX Tokens.

Give them a try when they go live tomorrow and let us know what you think!


You Can Now Use WAX Tokens on OPSkins!

Update: While WAX is in the alpha phase on OPSkins, daily transaction limits are subject to change. The limit amount is dynamic and can fluctuate based on which features are being tested. The limits will eventually be raised or lifted. Thank you for your patience while we work to make WAX on OPSkins the best that it can be.

WAX is now live on OPSkins! Any item on OPSkins can be bought and sold using WAX Tokens, which is now the cheapest, fastest, and easiest way to trade on our marketplace.

With this implementation comes a host of new features, which we’re here to break down for you:

Using WAX Tokens on OPSkins:

In the past, you could transact on OPSkins using two currencies: OPSkins Wallet Funds and Operation Points. WAX is now the third currency.

WAX Token

Viewing your account balances:

When you visit your Account page, you’ll see some new sections. The first is Account Balance > View Account Balances. Click on that and you’ll see a dropdown that shows your account balances of each of the three currencies.

WAX Token

Depositing WAX Tokens to your OPSkins Account Balance:

To deposit WAX Tokens to your Account Balance, you can click the + sign next to WAX in the Account Balances section of your Account page.  Send your WAX Tokens to the ETH address provided. You can also click “Deposit WAX Tokens” on the Add Funds page.

WAX Token

Withdrawing your WAX Tokens:

With WAX, there are no traditional “cashouts” like with other payment processors. Instead, you’ll be withdrawing your WAX Tokens to an ERC-20 compatible wallet address of your choice. The official wallet partner of WAX is, but you can use any ERC-20 compatible wallet. On your Account Balances section of your Account page, click the – sign next to WAX. Enter the amount of WAX you wish to withdraw, the wallet address, and click withdraw. Please note that as with all other payment methods, you can only withdraw WAX Tokens that you earned from item sales – you cannot withdraw WAX Tokens that you deposited.

WAX Tokens

View your Cryptocurrency Withdraw & Transaction History:

Your Cryptocurrency Withdraw History can be found at the bottom of your account page.

WAX Token

As well as your transaction history:

WAX Token

Sellers can choose to accept WAX Tokens as payment:

Sellers can choose to accept any currency of their choice (although accepting USD is mandatory for every OPSkins account). By default, the proceeds from item sales will be deposited to the sellers OPSkins Wallet Funds and converted to USD as it’s been done in the past. However, sellers can now choose to accept WAX if the buyer pays for the item with WAX. If you indicate that you wish to accept WAX, the tokens will be deposited directly into your WAX account balance, rather than your OPSkins Wallet Funds. To change these settings, click “Currencies Accepted” on your Account page and check the box next to “Accept WAX”.

WAX Token

Buyers can choose to view item prices and pay in WAX Tokens:

You can choose whether you wish to view items in WAX pricing or just USD. To change this, visit Advanced Options > Show Cryptocurrency Price and select WAX from the drop down.

Item prices will appear as such:

WAX Token

To pay with WAX Tokens, when you visit your shopping cart you will have the option to “Pay with Cryptocurrency?” Select WAX Token here.

WAX Token

Convert your OPSkins Wallet Funds to WAX Tokens:

You can convert your USD to WAX and vice versa. To do this, click your name to reach the drop down menu and select “Convert Balances”. Here, you can choose the type of fund you wish to convert – either funds that are withdrawable/cashoutable (funds earned from item sales), or transfer funds that are not withdrawable/cashoutable (funds added via the Add Funds page or deposited to your WAX account balance). 

Remember – as with all other payment processors, you can only withdraw or cashout funds earned from item sales, so for example if you have USD that you added to your OPSkins Wallet Funds via PayPal, you can convert it to WAX via the “transfer only” option, but you cannot withdraw that WAX. However if you have OPSkins Wallet Funds that you earned from item sales, you can convert that to WAX via the “Available for Withdrawal” option and withdraw that WAX to an ERC-20 compatible wallet.

WAX Token

Click the fund you wish to convert, enter the amount, and click calculate to see how much of the other fund type you will receive. If you like what you see, click “Convert” and your wallet balances will update accordingly.

That’s it! Many more updates to WAX on OPSkins will be coming in the future, so stay tuned! Let us know what you think in the comments.



Create the New OPSkins Tagline to Enter to Win $500!

Update 12/6: And the winner is !

Easy Skins. Easy Money.

We chose this tagline before launched, way back in 2015, and it’s time for an upgrade to represent what OPSkins is today.

Submit your idea for a slick new OPSkins tagline, and you’re entered to win $500 in cashoutable OPSkins Wallet Funds. 

Here’s the criteria:

  • The tagline should be representative of the OPSkins brand. It should be catchy, memorable, and something that conveys the core benefits that OPSkins brings to you.
  • Tweet it to @opskinsgo with the hashtag #OPSkinsTaglineContest
  • Deadline is 11/21/17 at 11:59pm EST
  • OPSkins will choose the winner based on our favorite entry

Good luck!


The Creator of Call of Duty on Why He’s Excited to Work with the WAX Token & OPSkins Team

Dave Anthony, Founder & Creator of Call of Duty, is a WAX Advisor

Dave Anthony, the creator of Call of Duty, joined the WAX Token Team as an advisor. Curious what his thoughts on WAX and the digital items trading industry are? Here are some of the highlights from his recent article on Medium:

“WAX understands the value of a great user experience.

All gamers want to do is play games. They don’t wanna be worried about currency. They don’t wanna worry about “Am I gonna lose my money?” They just wanna play the game.”


“What WAX offers to the gamers is very exciting. I’m involved as this is improving the gamer experience.”


“Not being complacent in what they’ve done with their skins trading site OPSkins, [the WAX founders are] setting themselves up to revolutionize the gaming space with WAX, is definitely something I want to be involved in.

In the future, I think more and more gamers will use it; word of mouth will make it a phenomenon. I spent years thinking about this subject.”


“And the ability to monetize it has huge potential. I can’t see it doing anything other than exploding.”

Want to get involved in WAX? OPSkins customers have exclusive access between now and November 1st. Get started here.



The Winners of the $10,000 Video Contest!

Congratulations to the winner of the $10,000 Grand Prize in the OPSkins Video Contest! We also have prizes for winners up to 11th place. Watch the videos below!

And a reminder that the reason we gave away $15,000+ for this contest, the WAX Token OPSkins Exclusive Main Sale, is now live! 

The winner of the $10,000 Grand Prize:

The Runner-Ups:

2nd place: $1,000

3rd place: $900

4th place: $800

5th place: $700

6th place: $600

7th place: $500

8th place: $400

9th place: $300

10th place: $150

11th place: $100



Instant Ethereum Cashouts are Now Live

You can now instantly cashout your OPSkins Wallet Funds for Ethereum (ETH). 

Ethereum Cashouts

Cashing out to ETH is simple. To convert your OPSkins Wallet Funds into ETH:

  • Visit the Cashouts page and select the amount of OPSkins Wallet Funds that you want to cashout (minimum $250), then navigate to the Ethereum section on the right sidebar (see screenshot above)
  • Paste your ETH wallet address into the corresponding field (you should never write an ETH wallet address by hand) and click save. You can find your ETH wallet address in your ETH wallet (don’t have one? see below)
  • Double check to make sure that you entered the correct wallet address. Then triple check. Then click “Request Instant Cashout”

Don’t have an ETH wallet? You can get one from MyEtherWallet (no download needed), JAXX , Mist (Desktop), Parity (Desktop), imToken (iOS), imToken (Android)


$10,000 Grand Prize Video Contest!

Update 10/24/17: Winner selected! 

OPSkins is launching a video contest with a $10,000 Grand Prize!

The prize is simple: the best video wins $10,000 in cashoutable OPSkins Wallet Funds.

– Make an informative & entertaining video about WAX Token
– Upload it to YouTube and include links to and in the video description
– Tweet it to us at @opskinsgo and @waxtoken using hashtag #WAXTokenByOPSkins
– Must be submitted by October 23rd

– You can learn about WAX Token here:  
– Logos can be downloaded here: 
– This is our current video, use this as your quality benchmark (the winning video should be better than this one):

By entering the contest, you’re giving OPSkins and WAX Token permission to use your video for promotional purposes.

We’re also giving away $1,000 in daily prizes plus ANOTHER $10,000 in our twitter contest, here: 


Beware of Scam Sites Impersonating OPSkins

Update 10/17: You can download this Google Chrome extension to block many of these sites.

Updated 9/28/17

OPSkins is the safest and most trusted marketplace for trading in-game items. Lately there has been a new wave of websites impersonating OPSkins, which scam users out of their items. Here are some steps you can take to safeguard yourself against this and other common scams:

  • Don’t fall for scam sites! Scam sites are any URL with  /  opskins.___  / including sites pretending to be OPSkins case opening or gambling sites. OPSkins has NO case sites and NO gambling sites and we are not affiliated with any. Recent examples are:
  • Another new fake site scam that we are seeing lately makes the characters in the URL look like it says in your browser, this is particularly tricky when someone sends you a link and the underline hides the special characters:

  • Which are real OPSkins websites? Trust only websites that end with or Examples of these trusted URLs are:
  • ENABLE 2 FACTOR AUTHENTICATION ON YOUR ACCOUNT. We can’t stress this enough. This is the safest way to keep your account secure. You can do this by visiting your Account Page > Account Security. We also recommend that you enable Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator for additional security.
  • In general, if someone contacts you on Steam and asks you to list an item on OPSkins, they’re probably attempting to scam you.
  • Don’t trust anyone who contacts you claiming to be an OPSkins staff member. No one from OPSkins will ever add you on Steam, and/or ask you to trade an item. These are impostors who will scam you.
  • Check to make sure you’re trading with an OPSkins bot. When trading with a bot, check your security token and click the bot’s name to open its profile. From there, make sure that the bot is in the “OPSkins Bots” Steam group. The official OPSkins Bots Steam group is named exactly “OPSkins Bots” and has an abbreviation of “op-bots”
  • Do not download any OPSkins browser extensions. OPSkins doesn’t have any official extensions, and so any that you see are most likely intended to scam you out of your items.

Remember, OPSkins cannot restore any items or funds that were lost as part of a scam or hijacking. Your account security is your responsibility. Your account will remain safe if you don’t trust fake sites, don’t trust anyone pretending to be OPSkins staff, and don’t download malware. If you have any questions, you can always contact us by making a support ticket.


NEW: How to use OPSkins Advanced Search Functions

We’ve made some changes to the Advanced Search functionality on our site, and we’d like to take a few minutes to walk you through them.

These changes affect only the Search section within Advanced Search and so it affects any game you’re searching on OPSkins. You can use these functions along with the other search options in the Advanced Search box, such as price Range.

Here’s an abbreviated list of all available functionalities, and below that a detailed breakdown of each one:

Advanced Search Functionalities on OPSkins

 + signifies AND operation
| signifies OR operation
- negates a single token
" wraps a number of tokens to signify a phrase for searching
* at the end of a term signifies a prefix query
~N after a word signifies edit distance (fuzziness)

How to use Advanced Search Functionalities on OPSkins

1) + signifies AND operation
This one is easy. Put + between two terms and it’ll search listings that include both terms. For example searching CS:GO for knife + doppler or knife+doppler will bring up all listings including both terms such as Gut Knife | Doppler, StatTrak Gut Knife | Doppler, Flip Knife | Doppler etc.

2) | signifies OR operation

This functionality is important to pay attention to because the vertical line is not only a search command, it’s also a character in some item names in games like CS:GO, PAYDAY 2, and Killing Floor 2. To get the search result you want, you’ll want to make sure you’re using it properly. 

So in our Advanced Search, | means OR and that’s only the case if there are no spaces between the terms and the vertical line. So for example searching nova|antique will find you all listings with the words nova OR antique:

However searching nova | antique (with spaces between the terms and the vertical line) behaves as if the vertical line wasn’t there at all, and will instead treat the search as if it were nova antique.

3) - negates a single token
Another easy one. Using - before a term means that term will NOT appear in search results. So searching gut knife -doppler -slaughter will show all gut knives except dopplers and slaughters.

4) " wraps a number of tokens to signify a phrase for searching

Using quotation marks before and after a term will generate results that include only that exact term. So let’s go back to our earlier nova example and search nova "hyper beast". This will generate all Nova | Hyper Beast listings including StatTrak items. But searching "hyper beast" will also include the M4A1-S | Hyper Beast, the AWP | Hyper Beast, the StatTrak™ Five-SeveN | Hyper Beast etc.

5) * at the end of a term signifies a prefix query

Using * at the end of a term will generate any results where characters appear after the term. For example, if you’re searching in PUBG items for pleated* then all Pleated Mini Skirts will appear, whereas searching mini* will show any Mini Skirt:

Alternatively, searching purple* will show any purple PUBG items including skirts, jackets, slacks etc:

6) ~N after a word signifies edit distance (fuzziness)

Put ~ and a number after a word to tell the Advanced Search engine how closely you want the results to match that term. If you were to search CS:GO items for hyper~2 it would show not only results containing the word Hyper, but also results with words that are two characters off, such as in this case Viper, since you indicated a fuzziness of two with the ~2. Also, M4A1~1 would show you all M4A1 and M4A4 skins because you’re allowing the term to be off by one character, whereas M4A1~2 will also result in those skins plus the AK-47 | Orbit Mk01 since that item name contains M_ _ 1 and you indicated a fuzziness of two.

Let us know if you have any questions about the new search functionalities in our Advanced Search update, we’re happy to help. What do you think of the new search options? Tell us in the comments.


Win $500 and Have Your Work Featured on OPSkins!

Updated 9/29/17 – Congrats to the winner! 

Want a chance to win $500 and have your work seen by millions of OPSkins customers? Submit a GIF of your best artwork for the OPSkins Custom Ajax Loader contest, now through September 23rd.

We could just use a boring loading icon like this:

But we really want one that represents the OPSkins brand. If we like yours the best, we’ll add $500 in cashoutable OPSkins Wallet Funds to your OPSkins account. Here are the full entry requirements:

  • 256 x 256 px
  • Transparent background
  • Must include OPSkins branding (logos can be downloaded here: OPSkins-logos)
  • To submit your entry, tweet us a link to the GIF at @opskinsgo and include hashtag #OPSkinsAjaxContest

Looking forward to seeing your work!